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Tails from Beyond the Paw Print: Twenty-two stories of love, loss, and lessons learned from our adored animal companions

 Author: Micky Golden Moore  Category: Adult, Family, Great Gift, Inspirational, Pet Loss & Bereavement, Teen, Young Adult  Publisher: Beyond the Paw Print, L.L.C.  : 11 May, 2020

Since 2009, attendees of Beyond the Paw Print Pet Loss Support Group meetings have found validation of their grief as they shared their stories of love, loss, and lessons learned in a caring, judgment-free atmosphere. It has long been Dr. Golden Moore’s dream to share these stories with the larger community of animal lovers outside the circle of her pet loss support group. The 22 stories in this beautifully illustrated book take you on a journey ― from first hello through goodbye ― while learning how these beloved animals transformed the lives of their guardians. This book is a love letter for anyone who might grieve the loss of an animal companion in isolation. You are not alone; the BTPP community is there for you.

WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING ABOUT… Tails from Beyond the Paw Print

“This is a heartwarming book. The author is one of the most caring pet lovers we have ever known. The individual life stories on these pages are a testament to all who have lost a beloved pet. These tales of beloved pets will help ease your own sense of loss. As this wonderful book shows, our beloved pets are a permanent part of us, and they stay forever in our hearts, enriching and blessing us. We at the Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement recommend it for your permanent library.”
— Wallace Sife, Ph.D., Author, The Loss of Pet; Founder APLB

“Tails from Beyond the Paw Print will make you smile, laugh, and cry all at once but even more importantly, it will help you realize you are not alone. This book is an excellent reminder to us all how important it is to talk about our grief, remember our beloved pets, and honor their memories in whatever way we can.”
— Corey Gut, DVM, Veterinarian; Author, Being Brave for Bailey and Staying Strong for Smokey.


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