Chat Room Internship Program

The APLB has a very successful internship program that is available at no charge to APLB members. This is done online, during our Friday night chat rooms. If interested in this training you are invited to Contact Us. No special prior credentials or academic background are required. For eligibility, a member must also have a copy of The Loss of a Pet (Fourth Edition). The purpose of this unique Interns Program is to create new Assistant Hosts for our chat rooms, as we continue to grow and expand.

We are looking for anyone who has experienced bereavement for a beloved pet, and is capable of reaching out with his/her own unique insights, to help others who are experiencing this kind of grief and loss. Those of us who do this have discovered an amazing sense of fulfillment and inner reward. It is also the finest kind of personal memorial we can create for our own deceased beloved pets.

Before being accepted into the program a candidate must agree to first visit five of our chat rooms, to see if he/she will be comfortable in this venue. One of these must be on a Friday night. When greeted by the chat room host and asked about yourself please do not indicate that you are there because you want to intern. That can make some of those present feel defensive, as they are to be observed and judged by you. During this preparation period you will also be expected to be in regular Email contact with Dr. Sife. Without that he will not schedule you for later training.

He will also telephone you and discuss the details of your eligibility and training. Once accepted into the program, an intern is required to attend five two-hour chat rooms with Dr. Sife, in his Friday chat rooms. Although it is preferred, these do not have to run consecutively. Part of this time commitment may also be spent in any of our other chat rooms, but only if arranged with him. These “on the job” sessions will provide more actual field experience than most bereavement counselors get in ten years of private practice. Please read what we say on the opening pages of this website, about the distressing lack of competence, training and standards of so many who are currently engaged in pet bereavement counseling.

Upon completion of the internship, if desired, we will list you in our Directory of Counselors. There is a constant need for assistant hosts, in our many chat rooms. With gained experience we promote some of these good people to host their own chat rooms, on our site. The increasing numbers of our visitors are making it imperative that we open more of these.

After six months of service, Assistant Hosts who have already earned the APLB Certificate of Training will be awarded the APLB’s Certificate of Counseling Excellence (CCE).

We are proud that the APLB is the only provider of such training, and that we are creating much-needed standards of excellence in this new and growing field.

You may contact us to for more information.