The Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement


Administrative Commands for Chat Rooms

Enter the command into the chat box, then press the Reload button ( not the Post button). You will get the following message:

“The administration command you requested was added to the list of commands and will be executed when the specified person runs the script.“

Use the Back button to continue with the chat.


To archive a chat:

command::password::archive room::room_name::200

For ‘room_name’, substitute the name of the room to be archived, such as ‘Pet_Loss’, ‘Anticipatory_Bereavement’, or ‘Board’. Note: if the room’s name contains a space, you must type an underscore where the space occurs.

To kick a chatter out of the room:

command::password::name of bad person::where=leave::200

The name of the person has to be exactly as it appears in the chat message. For example:

command::password:: name ::where=leave::200

This will ban the person for 200 minutes.

To view the chat archive files, click here . The transcript will open in a new window.