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Dr. Bennett, Licensed Psychologist

Main Address

Ariel Counseling & Consultation

Pet Loss Counselors / Specialists

Telehealth Services for Clients in Florida & Abroad

450 S. Orange Avenue Orlando

Florida, 32801

“You were my favorite hello & my hardest goodbye”.


Ariel Counseling & Consultation specializes in therapy services for clients who anticipate or have experienced the loss of a beloved pet companion.  We provide therapy services for pet parents, clients who identify as animal lovers, those who work in the animal rescue field, vegans as well those whose lives are enhanced through their relationship with nature.  If you are seeking professional support for pet bereavement or to address the challenges of living in a world where we are concerned about the welfare of all animals, Ariel may be a good fit for you. 


When you are coping with the loss of a pet companion and/or have a strong bond to animals it can be difficult to find a provider who understands your unique thoughts, feelings, and experiences. I have personally coped with the loss of important pet family members and have the professional skills & compassion to help clients.  Our animal companions are often closer and know us better than most people in our lives. Whether we are sad or happy they are always loyal and teach us the power of unconditional love and regard.

The goal of our practice is to provide a professional, safe, and non-judgmental therapeutic space to promote healing, positive mental health, and compassionate living for clients in the state of Florida, USA and Globally.  Please call or email our practice to schedule a complimentary consultation and learn how we can help you. 


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