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Joan Miller, RP, GDC, BScN, RN, CPMHN(C)

Main Address

Best Life Counselling RP

Pet Loss Counselors / Specialists

58 Lambs Lane


Ontario, L1C 3G5

Joan Ghering Miller

Home Phone: (705) 931-4003


Grieving the loss of a pet: You’re not alone


When you lose a beloved companion animal your whole world can change. Grief is unique and isn’t reserved for the loss of humans. Feeling emotionally vulnerable is natural when you lose a pet. You need to process overwhelming feelings and talking with me, a pet grief counselor, is the first step to know you are not alone.


I am here to help you through this difficult journey. Losing your companion animal can be an extremely difficult and painful experience. Knowing how to support yourself during an emotional time can help you feel more at ease. With the right insight and knowledge, I can help you understand and care for yourself in the best way possible.


My approach integrates APLB Pet Loss and Bereavement tenants combined with my 15yrs of clinical and community, private practice experiences. With the loss of your pet, my eclectic theory focuses on Positive Psychology as I provide a culturally-relational service that is relevant and unique to you and your grief.


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