Mission Statement

We are all in this fragile lifeboat together. We believe that each of us must do whatever can be done to help anyone else who is in deep bereavement for a beloved pet. Caring for others is so necessary in this painful encounter – which we all must take part in during our own lifetimes. What we learn is freely offered to anyone who can benefit from it – which immeasurably enriches the giver, as well. That’s what the APLB is all about. We want to share your feelings and experiences. The added insight that only you can help us develop will assist us in serving others. Reservoirs are filled by one raindrop at a time. Come, join with us, and help make the difference.

We pride ourselves in being the collective wisdom and experience of all our friends and members.  And we make that freely available to anyone who can use this to help those in deep bereavement for a beloved pet. Our highly acclaimed chatrooms are facilitated by specially trained pet bereavement counselors. There have been many attempts to copy us, but none have had the benefit of our professional experience, direction and discipline. We also offer personal Email assistance.

During bereavement we are much more susceptible and vulnerable to those who would capitalize on what they know we want to hear. Because of this we suggest caution in seeking a counselor. The APLB recognizes that there are several emerging controversial approaches to counseling in pet loss. They range widely from the metaphysical through faith-healing, aroma therapy, and even magical thinking. But not so surprisingly, we find that there are always individuals who feel confident that some of these work for them. However, this association favors therapies based on established and authenticated pet bereavement analysis and treatment. We also advocate that this specialized categorization of counselors requires provable successful experience in counseling in this subject.

There are many well-intentioned individuals who have undergone the loss of their pets, and want to be accepted as counselors in this specialty.  But they have not had adequate conventional training (or any, at all) in bereavement counseling. Although such a personal purpose is in itself praiseworthy, this association cannot in good faith recommend anyone who does not have practical preparation and experience in counseling. However, the APLB will register all members who request being listed here as pet bereavement counselors – provided that they include a brief and clear accounting of their background, training and methodology. We have prepared a standard application format for all postings in our registry.

Despite our stated preferences, there will be no actual endorsements made by this Association. The responsibility of choice is completely up to the individual. The APLB serves only as a centralized registry for these listings, enabling potential clients to make more educated choices of counselors and services that may be able to help them. The APLB must deny all accountability in the viewer’s selection of any counselor or service, or any consequences, thereof.

The APLB is always open to suggestions or recommendations of names or services to be added, here. Please help us make our list of counselors and other resources as complete as possible. If you know of any, we would very much appreciate your contacting them to ask for inclusion in our database.