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There are many sites on the Internet dealing with pet bereavement and other related topics. Along with our other worthy aims and purposes the APLB is dedicated to sharing the best of these with you. Please note that we list only facilities that are nonprofit in nature.

If you know of any appropriate quality websites that are not listed here, we would appreciate your telling us about them. Please include complete names and URL addresses. We value the opportunity to review and add anything helpful to this page, and we welcome your comments.

Here is a list of the best we have found, so far. They are arranged into categories, for your convenience.

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Lost and Missing Pets

Animal Hospices and Sanctuaries

Pet Health

The following links provide a wealth of information on pet health, pet care, various illnesses, treatments, procedures and surgeries. This information may help you gain a better understanding of issues related to your pet. It is not intended to replace veterinary care. If you are concerned about your pet’s health, always seek the care of a veterinarian.

Caring for Old, Sick or Dying Dogs

Canadian Animal Assistance

Other Links