Pet Chaplains

Pet chaplaincy is a new service that is springing up across the country. The good people listed here are, in a sense, pioneers, who independently started helping others in this capacity. In furthering our objective to offer as much information and help as possible, for bereaving animal lovers, the APLB is pleased to now offer this new webpage.

Like all excellent inventions, this new service was created by necessity. There are many animal lovers who can benefit from that unique kind of counseling and help. And it is not limited to beloved household pets.

This widely diverse occupation includes customized special guidance, help with memorials, leading private ceremonies, and so much more. Each listing may offer some slightly different value to bereaving pet owners. Please read them over, and choose what may be best for you. Then contact a chaplain, to discuss your interests and preferences.


Castro Valley / Hayward

Rev. Nancy Schluntz, Interfaith Chaplain

(510) 969-6122
Rev. Nancy Schluntz: Animal Chaplain, Animal Communicator

As an ordained Interfaith Chaplain, I provide a compassionate emotional and spiritual support for people of any faith who share their lives with a loved animal companion. There can be great closeness as well as great pain on the path to the end of their life, and the difficult decisions we must sometimes make.

I offer private counseling by telephone or in person, and in the safe container of a group setting. Chaplain services include end-of-life prayer, funeral/memorial, and naming/blessing ceremonies. My fee is a free-will offering plus travel expenses.



Elaine deGreck-Wells, CMHC

(941) 350-5643

As a non-denominational Chaplain, I am available to companion and support people who have experienced the loss of a pet. I provide telephone counseling as well as pet loss grief groups. Degreed as a Clinical Mental Health Counselor, I am trained in grief and bereavement education and support and I have served as a Hospice Spiritual Care vigil volunteer. My fee is a choice of a free-will gift or commitment to donate time &/or merchandise to the Animal Organization of your choice.

Rev. Margie Schneider
Animal Chaplain and Interfaith Minister

Facebook: Heart-To-Heart All Creatures Ministry
Phone: (352) 361-6078

I can offer grief support via long distance as well as in my local area. I can also perform funerals, and memorial & celebration of life services upon request. I do not charge a fee but donations are accepted.



Rev. Russell Elleven, DMin
Animal Chaplain
Text: 847-780-6690

I am the chaplain to the Unitarian Universalist Animal Ministry and offer pastoral support to those who grieve their beloved animal companions. Monthly support group offered via Zoom. One-on-one support via Zoom also available.




Bonnie Poirier

(985) 373-2321
Ministry of St. Francis of Assisi

I offer support for those who are grieving the loss of their beloved companions. I have monthly free pet grief support meetings at the humane society in Covington, Louisiana as well as free monthly teleconference calls for anyone outside southeast Louisiana. As an ecumenical, non-denominational minister, I offer memorials and blessings as well as talks and guest sermons.



Sakakeeny, Kaleel

(617) 818-1432

My work as a non-denominational, ordained animal chaplain and pastor, is with those animals who are abandoned, abused and neglected, and need the reassurance of presence and love.
I’m also there for all who are experiencing the pain of having lost a beloved animal companion to death, and need help in their grief journey.
Ours is a donation-based interfaith service with no religious affiliation. But as a working chaplain, I’m moved by the sacredness of the bond between animal companions and humans. And while I help with memorial services and blessings of the animals, my work often centers on the spiritual questions arising from the death of a beloved pet: Is there a heaven for animals? Will I meet my pet again in the afterlife? What happens to all that love when my pet passes into spirit?
I look forward to small group meetings, discussions and helping faith-based community leaders be more animal-conscious in their churches.
I have BA MA and MS degrees.
I look forward to hearing from you.


West Bloomfield

Micky Golden Moore, Ph.D.

(248) 701-2345
Beyond the Paw Print Productions LLC

As a Non-denominational Chaplain, I provide emotional and spiritual support for veterinary hospital clients as they journey through grief toward healing. In addition, I work with veterinary staff to identify and process the grief associated with end-of-life responsibilities. My credentials include: Ph.D. in Communication Studies, M.S.H.P. (Master’s degree in Hospice Education and Palliative Care) and five units of Clinical Pastoral Education. Contact me directly for more information and fees.

New Jersey


Joe Dwyer

(973) 284-0107 |
Shelby’s Grace | Proclaiming Treasures: Joe Dwyer, Motivational Speaker

My Animal Chaplain services are available to all religious doctrines but it should be noted that my personal background is Christian, but my training includes services for all beliefs. My fee is always a free-will offering, unless traveling expenses are involved, in which case I will ask for reimbursement.

As an Animal Chaplain I will be available for spiritual needs of families that share their life with an animal companion. I tend to them through compassion, empathy, comfort, kindness, and grace. Services include funeral/memorial, prayers, and welcoming.



L. Leigh Meriweather

(804) 859-8009
Pet Honoring, LLC