My Roxy, by Alyssa M.

I brought Roxy home in April 2015. Her first “fur mom” needed to re-home her, and I volunteered to take her in. I had been living on my own for about three years and was ready for some company. Roxy was eight at the time. Taking in an “older” cat felt like the perfect fit.

In less than a week, this girl was laying around like she owned the place. She would regularly strike a pose, as if she KNEW I wanted to grab a picture. I took great joy in knowing she felt comfortable with me.

Roxy was not a cuddler, but she greeted me at the door every single day without fail. In the last few years, I could barely walk in the door before she demanded petting.

Roxy loved the sun and warm weather. Summer was one of her favorite times of year. If she had her way, she’d likely lay outside all day long.

Roxy developed hyperthyroidism around age 13, which meant I had to give her medication twice a day. Everyone told me to expect her to fuss about taking a pill, but she never did. Every morning and every night, she’d let me get that pill down her throat. I suspect the treats she always got afterwards helped …

I feel immensely blessed to have had this girl in my life for nearly nine years. She taught me that love can be as simple as being present in the moment. She pushed me to focus on what was best for her and helped me find joy every day.

I will love you forever, my sweet baby girl. May we meet again.

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