Everything about him… every move, every bark, every game of chase, every smell, every sneeze, every treat, every quirkiness is FOREVER treasured. 

My PERFECT, handsome baby boy. 


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Belongs to

Cherylle Warnecke


Born March 9, 2011. We were united in life Memorial Day weekend 2011 and it was then when I became the happiest living being on earth. Amos gave me reasons to be happy, needed and loved. Amos is/was the very purpose of my life, he is/was the meaning of my life. I gave him the very best of everything and he gave me more. I LOVE HIM LIKE I CAN NEVER LOVE AGAIN.  

We said goodbye Memorial Day weekend 2022. He was 11 yrs old. I believe in my heart he fought hard to stay strong so that he could be here with me up to the anniversary weekend when he first came into my life. 

Amos is/was PERFECT in everyway so well behaved, gentle, beautiful and the picture of health throughout his life. He loved his toys, many stuffed animals, which he gently carried and played with, none he destroyed. He loved treats. He loved ALL kinds of food but was most fond of salmon, rice and noodles we cooked together. He was my ‘sous’ chef. I can write volumes of all that we shared because we shared EVERYTHING together. Perhaps to summarize, Amos is/was my world, my everything and I know he felt the same with me. So when asked what is/was my passion, the simple answer… AMOS. 

I miss him terribly. I miss holding, cuddling, talking, chasing, walking, playing, cooking and doing just nothing with him. My heart is scarred and will forever ache. 

As I’ve often said to my little boy, “I LOVE YOU from nose to tail” and “I LOVE YOU a million trillion gazillion billion to infinity and more!” will echo forever. 

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