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Roberta Sonzogni


Heavenly Father, I know I am selfish for believing that Bella deserved more time on this earth with me. She was my best friend and brought much joy to my life. Even though Bella has moved on from this world, I will miss her with each passing day. The pain I feel is unbearable, and I struggle to understand how to move forward without her daily presence. Though I am hurting, I must be strong and carry on with my life, knowing Bella would not want me suffering over her loss. Bella, my best friend, knew she would only be in my life for a short time. During that time, she gave me unconditional love and brought much joy to my life. Only time can heal my heartache. The memories I have of Bella will bring me peace and comfort, and I am forever grateful to you, Father, for giving me a gift that I will forever treasure. 


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