We had Champ in a group training class every week for 3 years. Although he couldn’t be near any other dogs, he excelled in the training class and was able to do anything asked of him, including balancing on a tiny stepstool and a fire hydrant, acing the agility course and walking through obstacles. 


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Belongs to

Beth Miller


Champ was rescued from a terrible living situation in February 2014. Through the Miracle German Shepherd Dog Network, he was given veterinary care and sent to a breed rescue group in St. Louis, where he was placed for adoption. We adopted him a few months later. He was so smart and so full of love, but also so much fear, anxiety and trauma from his previous life. We did everything we could to help him overcome it, but he never could fully recover. I chose behavior euthanasia in March 2020. 



February 2011-March 2020

Adopted May 2014

If love had been enough, you would have lived forever. RIP, Buddy. 

“Love anything, and your heart will be wrung and possibly be broken.” – C.S. Lewis

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