I have so many memories of my little girl. Anything from the love of her stuffed pony to the way she demanded to see any baby that was brought through the door. She insisted on sniffing and licking each one. Her tail would wag and she would whine until she saw them. She was the best lap dog. Our evening routine include a snuggle in the recliner. 


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Lori Phillips


Dott was born on a farm outside of Danbury IA. I first learned of the litter of pups from a dear friend at work who was getting a puppy. She encouraged me and the girls and I went for a look. We instantly fell in love with Dott. My daughter named her because she was a tiny black dog so Dott was appropriate. She lived in the same house with us her entire life. She was a favorite of anyone that visited and will be missed by many. Condolences on Facebook were many as people knew how much we loved her. We ended up putting her to sleep due to an inoperable hernia. 


Dott, the sweetest, most gentle dog that ever lived. There was never a truer friend and companion 💕

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