Moving cross country together, taking 11 days to move from California to Indiana. Hiking national and state parks. The way he would nearly jump into my arms when I got home to give him pets as the first thing that I did. 


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Alyshia Madlem


Hoosier was a male, 7 lb, apricot maltese-poodle mix. 


Hoosier (also known as Hooze) came into my life in August 2006. He was an apricot maltese poodle mix and a small guy – he never weighed over 8 lbs his entire life. He had luxating patella in his back right leg that made him do a little skip. He had a nubbin tail that could wag so fast when he was happy. He loved broccoli and rice, eggs, peanut butter toast, and jerky treats. He loved sitting and rolling in warm grass for hours and hiked in places from Zion National Park to Turkey Run State Park. He was my companion for 16 years, though the most formative years of my life. He got to visit the states of California, Washington, Nevada, Colorado, Utah, Kansas, Illinois, and Indiana. He was beloved by his grandparents, his aunt and cousins, and human and animal friends. He looked like a teddy bear but didn’t like small hands petting him if he wasn’t ready. He used to love destuffing toys before he lost his four front teeth to a headbutting accident from his cousin dog, Pepper. His favorite toys were Sally, red turtle, Snoopy head, and his destuffed reindeer. His favorite place was the bean, a giant two person bean bag chair he claimed the minute it came in the door (despite it being for his dad to use when gaming). He hated the groomer but loved how he looked when he came out. He was diagnosed with kidney disease in 2021 and made it almost a year before he passed on July 1, 2022 in the arms of his mom and with his dad by his side, at home, in his favorite blue blanket.

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