Jiminy was my treasured companion for 10 years. He was the center of my life and attention and repaid my love and care many times over. He had been diagnosed with Cushing’s disease about 8 months before he died. He passed away quite suddenly at about 16 years of age. I think he had congestive heart failure from a fall a few days earlier. He died during the Covid pandemic


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Mary Chunko


I adopted Jiminy when he was about 7 years old. His previous owners surrendered him to a shelter in West Virginia after he developed giardia and they could not afford to take him to the veterinarian. He adapted remarkably well to life in Washington, DC, after having spent his early life in the country. His DNA test reavealed that he was mostly Chihuahua and Pomeranian, with a bit of Norwegian Elk Hound and Chow Chow. He was very bold and outgoing. He loved to be in motion and to travel by foot, car, railroad, or ferry. He was my constant companion for 10 years. I miss him and cherish him in my heart. 


Jiminy Was Cherished

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