Lily Clementine

Lily Clementine

All of my memories of Lily Clementine are treasures that I take out and examine everyday since she has died. She is in every nook and cranny of my house, on every path that I hike, at the barn, in my garden and even on my bed at night. Lily was a special angel of love, delivered into my hands by chance, but yet by higher design as well. All who met her, loved her, but me most of all.


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Colleen Rolland


I was fortunate enough to be at the right place, at the right time in November 2009. My previous Golden, Maggie, was euthanized on July 21, 2009. By November, I missed having an animal companion so much, I started to consider adopting another dog. I came across Golden Rescue, and on a Sunday evening (November 6 to be exact), through tears, I filled out an application to adopt another Golden. I received a call the next day while on a business trip to Quebec City.
The volunteer explained that they had a puppy who was to be adopted by a family, but at the last minute had tuned her down because she had a condition, often found in male dogs–hypospadia.
The family wanted a “perfect” dog and was going to go to a breeder!
The right place at the right time! When I returned home on Friday, November 11, I went straight from the airport to the foster home to pick her up! “Chloe” was renamed Lily Clementine and anyone who met her, adored her. She was a petite Golden – 50 -54 lbs. her whole life. Even with 2 TPLO surgeries, she never ever complained. She was a greeter at a lavender store and helped me with clients as I worked with grieving pet parents–each loved her calm and gentle nature.


Fly with the angels on high, my beautiful girl. Forever in my heart and stamped on my soul.

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