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Belongs to

Host Karen Jaques



You are indelibly etched in my mind
When I close my eyes I can feel you, smell you, as if you were here
My fingers tingle as I stretch them out and I sense you
I feel the warmth of your fur, the softness of your ears, the smell of your breath and I see the look in your eyes
My god my life has been turned upside down
All feelings supressed have come to the fore
I loved you with my heart, my body and my soul
Together we have loved, laughed, cried
You have been my strength, my support, my hero
Not through words but just that kinda knowing
Never did I have to explain those tears, the joy, the madness
Now I know the true meaning of unconditional love
It’s there, it’s so real, it’s unique, it’s everything
In the younger years you saw me go through the relationships
The happiness
The sorrow
We grew together, we wisened, we had that kinda knowing that comes with that bond
Not penetrated by anyone else it was just you and me
It was you that cared for me for so long, you were my rock, my constant, the one that was always there
“there” is just an emptiness of you, your soul
I feel you all around me and you are always in my dreams and I spend my time wanting to sleep
Just so I can see you, feel you once again and fill the void that I have that NO ONE can replace
I wake and feel you all around me
I know that what I dream is you connecting with me to tell me and show me that you are fine
But I am terrified that I will eventually loose you in my dreams too…
I hold on to every part of you that I can because to never feel you, smell you, touch you
Is unbearable what if, what if the feelings go, the senses?
I wouldn’t be able to function
I need to have you just that little bit longer before you are truly gone
It’s selfish but I cannot do it without you
In the end I became what you had been to me all my life- support
Everything that you gave me in your life I was able in the end to give back to you
There’s not many relationships that can boast that, that are so balanced so equal
I look at your picture and see you smiling at me
That look in your eyes , that love of life, I sigh….
We will eventually, you and I , run free and laugh and love again
You and I will find each other in that special place where once again I can feel the warmth of your skin, the softness of your fur,the warmth of your breath and that lick on my outstretched hands and face
Somewhere where there will be endless days of ball throwing, ring smacking and bites on the arse
We will be reunited once again like there was no time – just together again – loving…..

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