Oliver was a true gentleman, generous, patient and unconditional with his love, and loyal to the end. You knew he loved you if he sat on your foot, as if to “plant his flag” on you. He hardly ever barked at all. He responded to my funny dog voice and even seemed to love it. He shredded 6 or 7 of his own beds, but never anything else. He was treated for mange in rescue: the fur on his back half never really grew back after that, and his skin had a rosy tinge like pink lemonade. He hated cold New England winters, but loved sunny days in the grass, neck and belly rubs from the kids in his life, an invitation to stretch out on a lap. He was like a 60 lb. kitten, gentle, playful and kind. There will never be another soul like him, and I wish more than anything that he could have lived forever.


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Belongs to

Rebecca Darst


The best boy.