Picking him up as a rescue dog.  He was dirty, smelly, and thin to the bone.  I knew he had Addisons Disease  and would require Percortin or Xycortal injections every month for the rest of his life and that I provided . He sometimes ate my dinner off the table if I turned my back and he even snatched my KFC chicken dinner I had left on the dashboard of my car. When it came to food or Milk Bone, you did not stand in his way !!!


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ken semproch


When I first got him I had four dogs, and RIGBY was definitely the leader of the pack. No dog could ever outdo RIGBY.  He had a bark that let you know he was the leader and he meant business.  It is much too quiet in the house now with my other Basset Gus who does not bark unless he sees another dog.  Rigby liked climbing the three stairs I built for him to come up on top of the comforter of my Bed.  He gained weight, was fed good, and got many naps atop my bed.  Two years ago he became blind in one eye due to Glaucoma ( a mean disease in dogs and not very treatable by veterinary science ).  In January 2021 he had to have his other eye removed and was then blind but you would never know it.  He got around and barked just as if nothing happened !!! His eye pressures had been in the 80’s and with Rx drops I gave him persistently, we just could not get the pressure to come down.


He had periods of restlessness near the end of his life. His blood tests came back all normal 5 days before he died.  My best guess is he might have died of bloat ( stomach torsional twist ) which led to shock.  He died at night at home and I found him in the bathroom at 4:30 AM December 13.  He was my hero and I will never be the same without him.  Life is precious, life is short, enjoy their company and make their life great every single day. I know your eyes have been restored in heaven beyond the rainbow bridge, I know you no longer have Addisons Disease, and I know you are playing with the other dogs MO, KAYA, TOBY, WISKERS, WINDY and many others.  Goodbye my friend, but we will be reunited soon!!!!!

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