There are so many wonderful memories I have with Riley:

Traveling on an airplane with Riley to Chicago and Toronto with my parents. 

Hotel staycations around Florida — he loved new places and exploring destinations. He went to the Keys, Orlando, Tampa, etc. I would venture to say he stayed at around 10 different hotels through the course of his life.

Car rides anywhere and everywhere. He was so happy sitting in his little car bed. It could be a ride to the gas station up the street, and he was just complacent that he was with me.

Giving him his own backyard finally in the end stages of his life — it was always my dream for him to have a beautiful backyard that he could frolick in and make his own. He was an apartment dog for the rest of the time.

Making him eggs on the weekends — he loved people food and I never said no to anything he wanted: scrambled eggs, chicken, steak, and even my mom’s kosher chicken or brisket.

Giving him belly rubs and bubble baths. Always making sure he had a blanket in every room to lay on.


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Wendi Weiner


Riley Weiner – shih tzu, lover of all snacks, car rides, and anywhere I could be next to my mom.


I adopted Riley on May 1, 2006 when he was approx. 1-2 years old — making him somewhere between 16 1/2 to 17 1/2 at the time of his passing on October 19, 2021, and putting us at 15 1/2 years together — more than a third of my life.

Riley was my first dog and the perfect match. I often say he rescued me. I made it my mission to give him the best life after being abused by his prior owners. He had the purest soul with the softest demeanor. He lived the fullest life, sitting happily at outdoor restaurants, enjoying vacations at hotels, traveling on airplanes for family trips, and receiving endless car rides, belly rubs, walks, and snacks. He loved other dogs, people, and children. He enjoyed the sounds of nature, and especially finally having his own backyard at our new house. To know him was to love him. People gravitated towards him because of his sweet, loving nature, and gentle spirit. They were often amazed by his soft disposition and they always complimented his beautiful coloring. He was always by my side while I worked and reminded me to take breaks. I documented his adventures on Instagram (@riley.w.shihtzu) because he was so special.

Riley gave every ounce of love and companionship until the moment he stopped breathing on October 19, 2021 around 4PM. He died peacefully surrounded by my husband and I, along with my parents (who were his very devoted grandparents), as well as our long-time vet, Dr. Hagadorn at Southport Animal Hospital in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

To learn more about Riley, you can visit my Instagram page: @thewritingguru

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