Smitten, my neenee my neenu, I cannot believe you are gone. 16 years young and you were fine up until 4 days ago. I’m glad you did not suffer die long but I cannot imagine life without my floppy little cuddle bug constantly begging for treats or “meaties”. You were loved by so many! Made your grandma who was never a fan of cats fall in love. She called you “The Brad Pitt” of cats lol. Being that you constantly wanted my attention, adding 4 fur siblings to the mix made me nervous at first. But I never forgot to remind you that “your always going to be my number 1 okay?” While kissing you  a million times. On my worste days you were always there for me giving me winks and slow blinks to remind me of your love and loyalty. We had a bond like none other. Even in our last moments together and you in distress on the way to the emergency vet you looked up at me while I help you in my arms and winked at me. That made me know you were going to be ok in the end, even in kitty heaven. 


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Sarah Bishop

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