Tehya Tayen

Tehya Tayen

Tehya and I worked really hard on recall but week after week in Level 2 when it came to “our turn”, she would head towards me and then veer off to play with another dog.  Finally, the day of our final exam came and I was a nervous wreck. She aced that part, but her “down, stay” which she had learned and could do in her sleep, all of a sudden disappeared!  Never a dull moment with this wild child.  


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Colleen Rolland


Tehya (Ojibwe for “she who is precious”) Tayen (Ojibwe for “New Moon”) was rescued from Sandy Lake First Nation Reserve in Northern Ontario through Southern Connections Rescue.  Her Gotcha Day was March 5th, 2022.  She came to me sick, which is not uncommon, so we had a bit of a rough start.  A very active, extremely smart pup, she put me through my paces.  She sailed through KinderPuppy, and Level 1 & 2 Obedience.  She LOVES to jump and so I see agility in our future.  Micky and Tehya have a fascination with one another that is totally endearing – Seamus is totally indifferent and just stands his ground if they run into each other.   

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