Tela jumping in the Licking Creek all on her own.  Just jumping right in, without fear. 


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Belongs to

Heather Ladick


Adopted from Camp Jean’s Rescue in Frankfort, KY on 08/05/2021.  Camp Jean rescues dogs from kill-shelters that would euthanize animals that were not adopted.  

I received a reference from a co-worker to look for dogs to adopt at Camp Jean’s.  We submitted an application and she sent us several photos of dogs.  Tela’s picture was really sweet, although she looked so timid.  At the time her name was “Holly” as that is what they gave her when she came into their care.

We scheduled a meet-n-greet at Camp Jean’s and in their informal living room, she jumped right up on the couch to play with us and share her toys.  She was playful and excitable and looked really sweet.

When it was time to leave, she followed us to the door as if she was coming with us, then turned around to go back into the living room to retrieve her toy.  She returned to the door with a toy in her mouth.

We went home and talked about adopting her, but had a vacation planned the next week to Nashville, TN.

On our week-long trip, all we did was talk about her and reference her and come up with names for her.  We were in Nashville for a Phish concert and so it was fitting that we had devised a name for her based on a Phish song. By the end of the week it was pretty clear we were going to adopt her.

On 08/05/2019, back in KY, we picked up Tela in the rental car we had for our trip and she rode home in the back seat with Mike.  That day, our family grew to include one more member.  Our first dog together as a couple.  

We love Tela. 

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