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Recommended Reading

A collection of works to help you HEAL your heart

We have selected the books listed here for you. You will find books that cater to all age groups and backgrounds as well as professional and educational works.

Please contact us if you would like assistance in choosing a book.

Coping with Sorrow on the Loss of Your Pet
Coping with Sorrow on the Loss of Your Pet is a compassionate, comprehensive guide to help you deal with the heartbreaking pain of losing a beloved animal companion. It shows you that you’re not alone, or crazy, or “over-reacting” to...
Pet Loss & Bereavement, Professionals Moira Allen
Coping with Stress and Burnout as a Veterinarian: An Evidence-Based...
The suicide rate for veterinarians is almost four times higher than the general population across the UK, Australia, US, New Zealand and Canada. The act of suicide is most usually at the end of a long road of distress. And...
Pet Loss & Bereavement, Professionals Nadine Hamilton
Crossing the Rubicon: Celebrating the Human-Animal Bond in Life and...
A gentle, helpful guide to surviving losing a loved animal companion. The interviews with experts, vets and shared wisdom from those who've lost a pet and survived to celebrate their beloved animal's life will help you find validation by knowing...
Adult, Pet Loss & Bereavement, Professionals Julie A. Kaufman
Death, Society, and Human Experience, 10th edition
This landmark text on the sociology of death and dying draws on contributions from the social and behavioral sciences as well as the humanities, such as history, religion, philosophy, literature, and the arts, to provide thorough coverage of understanding death...
Adult, Educational, Pet Loss & Bereavement, Professionals Robert J. Kastenbaum
Grief and Loss: Theories and Skills for the Helping Professions
Grief and Loss: Theories and Skills for the Helping Professions, 2/e, allows readers to see how essential theories and skills will enhance their own practice. They will gain the core knowledge and skills needed to work with individuals, families, groups, and...
Adult, Educational, Guide, Pet Loss & Bereavement, Professionals Katherine Walsh
Healing the Pain of Pet Loss: Letters in Memoriam
This book is a collection of inspiring and often heart-wrenching letters written to the author about their own experiences with losing a beloved pet. Representing a wide variety of grief experiences, this one-of-a-kind book takes an intimate look at the...
Adult, Educational, Pet Loss & Bereavement, Professionals Kymberly Smith
In-Home Pet Euthanasia Techniques: The Veterinarian’s Guide to Helping Families...
I originally created this book to train my own doctors on the intricacies of in-home euthanasia. Within the first year of writing, I began receiving calls from veterinarians around the country looking for guidance as they began their own similar...
Adult, Educational, Illustrated, Pet Loss & Bereavement, Professionals Dr Kathleen A Cooney DVM
Made for Each Other: The Biology of the Human-Animal Bond
Nothing turns a baby's head more quickly than the sight or sound of an animal. This fascination is driven by the ancient chemical forces that first drew humans and animals together. It is also the same biology that transformed wolves...
Adult, Educational, Pet Loss & Bereavement, Professionals Meg Daley Olmert
Pet Loss & Human Emotion
This updated edition of Pet Loss and Human Emotion is a step-by-step guide to leading clients through this special kind of grief. Includes resources and a section on pet loss and natural disasters. As society accepts that grieving over the death of...
Adult, Educational, Guide, Pet Loss & Bereavement, Professionals Cheri Barton Ross
Pet Loss and Children: Establishing a Healthy Foundation
Explaining the concept of death to a child is a very difficult, confusing, and uncomfortable experience for a parent, educator, or therapist, and it is a topic that is often first introduced by the loss of a pet - sometimes...
Adult, Educational, Pet Loss & Bereavement, Professionals Cheri Barton Ross
Pet Loss and Human Bereavement
Describes the grieving process that occurs when people lose pets and suggests ways of helping individuals to cope.
All Ages, Educational, Pet Loss & Bereavement, Professionals, Self-Help
The Grief Recovery Handbook, 20th Anniversary Expanded Edition: The Action...
Updated to commemorate its 20th anniversary, this classic resource further explores the effects of grief and sheds new light on how to begin to take effective actions to complete the grieving process and work towards recovery and happiness. Incomplete recovery...
Adult, Guide, Pet Loss & Bereavement, Professionals John W. James
The Human-Animal Bond and Grief
This text integrates theory, emprical research, clinical experience, and principles of application into a step-by-step approach to human-animal bond based client relations. The book provides veterinary professionals with the knowledge, skills, terminology and methodologies to help human clients cope with...
Adult, Educational, Pet Loss & Bereavement, Professionals Laurel Lagoni, Carolyn Butler
The Loss of a Pet: A Guide to Coping with...
Understanding helps heal the hurt when you lose a pet. This award-winning book has been hailed as the seminal work in the field. And now the fourth newly revised and expanded edition offers so much more to the bereaving pet...
All Ages, Educational, Great Gift, Guide, Pet Loss & Bereavement, Professionals, Self-Help Wallace Sife Ph.D.
The Psychology of the Human-Animal Bond: A Resource for Clinicians...
There have been dramatic increases in the financial, emotional, and psychological investment in pets over the past four decades. The increasing importance of animal companions in people's lives has resulted in growing emphasis on the human-animal bond within academic literature....
Adult, Educational, Pet Loss & Bereavement, Professionals Christopher Blazina, Guler Boyraz, David Shen-Miller

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