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Recommended Reading

A collection of works to help you HEAL your heart

We have selected the books listed here for you. You will find books that cater to all age groups and backgrounds as well as professional and educational works.

Please contact us if you would like assistance in choosing a book.

Going Home: Finding Peace When Pets Die
In this invaluable guide and touchstone, New York Times bestselling author Jon Katz addresses the difficult but necessary topic of saying goodbye to a beloved pet. Drawing on personal experiences, stories from fellow pet owners, and philosophical reflections, Katz provides support for...
All Ages, Guide, Pet Loss & Bereavement Jon Katz
Good Grief: Finding Peace After Pet Loss: Personal and Professional...
Author Sid Korpi explains, The pain of losing a beloved animal companion is unlike any other. However, because our society on the whole discounts our grief as frivolous since we've "merely lost an animal," too many of us feel we...
All Ages, Guide, Pet Loss & Bereavement, Self-Help Sid Korpi
Good Grief: On Loving Pets, Here and Hereafter
An unexpected, poignant, and personal account of loving and losing pets, exploring the singular bonds we have with our companion animals, and how to grieve them once they’ve passed. E.B. Bartels has had a lot of pets—dogs, birds, fish, tortoises....
Pet Loss & Bereavement E.B. Bartels
Goodbye Dear Friend: Coming to Terms With the Death of...
Explains how to cope with the death or loss of a beloved pet and argues that pet owners should not be embarassed by their feelings of grief
Pet Loss & Bereavement, Teen, Young Adult Virginia Ironside
Goodbye, Friend: Healing Wisdom for Anyone Who Has Ever Lost...
From the moment pets come into our lives, we know the day will arrive when we have to say farewell. Still, we are never emotionally prepared for the last adieu. In Goodbye, Friend, Gary Kowalski takes you on a journey...
All Ages, Guide, Pet Loss & Bereavement Gary Kowalski
Grief and Loss: Theories and Skills for the Helping Professions
Grief and Loss: Theories and Skills for the Helping Professions, 2/e, allows readers to see how essential theories and skills will enhance their own practice. They will gain the core knowledge and skills needed to work with individuals, families, groups, and...
Adult, Educational, Guide, Pet Loss & Bereavement, Professionals Katherine Walsh
Grieving the Death of a Pet
Because our relationships with our animal companions are unlike human relationships, the death of a pet is like no other loss that we will experience. In this book, Betty J. Carmack draws on the wisdom of Ecclesiastes, her own experience,...
Adult, Guide, Pet Loss & Bereavement Betty J. Carmack
Heal Your Heart: How to Awaken Your Soul with Self-Forgiveness
Named one of Aspire Magazine's Top 10 Inspirational Books!! Does it feel like something is missing in your life? Does it feel like joy, happiness, love, and contentment got lost along the way? This book is for loving sensitive souls...
All Ages, Pet Loss & Bereavement, Self-Help Charmayne Kilcup, PhD
Healing A Child’s Pet Loss Grief: A Guide for Parents
Is your child suffering from the loss of their pet and you want to know how to help them? Discover a step-by-step guide to navigating the emotional journey of your child and family when losing a beloved pet. Are you...
Adult, Children, Family, Guide, Pet Loss & Bereavement Wendy Van de Poll
Healing the Pain of Pet Loss: Letters in Memoriam
This book is a collection of inspiring and often heart-wrenching letters written to the author about their own experiences with losing a beloved pet. Representing a wide variety of grief experiences, this one-of-a-kind book takes an intimate look at the...
Adult, Educational, Pet Loss & Bereavement, Professionals Kymberly Smith
Heavenly Headbutts: Reflections of Hope about Cats and Eternity
When a beloved fur baby dies, you never get over it; you just get on with it. Yet, a glimmer of hope emerges for those who hold out the probability that their cat's story is not over yet--that there are...
All Ages, Cat Lovers, Great Gift, Inspirational, Pet Loss & Bereavement, Religious, Spiritual Allia Zobel Nolan
Honoring the Journey: A Guided Path through Pet Loss
This book is the first in the series of “Honoring the Journey” works. Capturing the reader with powerful illustrations and raw emotions, this guidebook assists with the healing process one must face when a pet dies. The book is unique...
All Ages, Guide, Illustrated, Pet Loss & Bereavement, Self-Help Dr. KaLee R. Pasek D.V.M.
How to ROAR: Pet Loss Grief Recovery
Robin Jean Brown understands firsthand the deep bond that can develop between person and animal. She's not some cold psychologist, but rather a pet owner herself who dealt with her own painful journey through the grieving process. She found that...
All Ages, Educational, Guide, Pet Loss & Bereavement, Self-Help Robin Jean Brown
I Remember You: A Grief Journal
Combines beautifully illustrated journal pages with moving quotes and thoughtful, comforting advice that will support anyone working through the cascade of emotions that follows the death of someone close. Each page invites the reader to explore the thoughts and emotions...
All Ages, Great Gift, Illustrated, Inspirational, Pet Loss & Bereavement Laynee Gilbert
I’ll Always Love You
A gentle and moving story about losing a friend, and the importance of always expressing your love. Elfie the dachshund is the best dog anyone could every ask for. Every day, she and her owner explore and play together. And...
Children, Family, Illustrated, Pet Loss & Bereavement, Pre-school Hans Wilhelm
In-Home Pet Euthanasia Techniques: The Veterinarian’s Guide to Helping Families...
I originally created this book to train my own doctors on the intricacies of in-home euthanasia. Within the first year of writing, I began receiving calls from veterinarians around the country looking for guidance as they began their own similar...
Adult, Educational, Illustrated, Pet Loss & Bereavement, Professionals Dr Kathleen A Cooney DVM
It’s Okay to Cry: Warm Compassionate Stories That Will Help...
Its Okay To Cry contains warm, compassionate stories that help people to find hope and healing after the death of a beloved pet. Twenty-four people who have lost pets including dogs, cats, birds and working animals share their stories. Included...
All Ages, Inspirational, Pet Loss & Bereavement Maria Luz Quintana
Jasper’s Day
Today Riley's family is celebrating Jasper's Day. Everything they do will be in honor of Jasper -- sort of like a birthday. But it isn't Jasper's birthday. The old dog's cancer has gotten really bad. Riley knows they can't let...
Children, Family, Illustrated, Pet Loss & Bereavement Marjorie Blain Parker
Just One More Day
If you, or someone you know, have ever had to put a dog to sleep, then you will know the pain and guilt surrounding this most difficult decision of dog euthanasia. Are we playing God, or are we fulfilling a...
Adult, Guide, Pet Loss & Bereavement, Self-Help, Teen, Young Adult Geoffrey Bain
Kindred Spirit, Kindred Care: Making Health Decisions on Behalf of...
Pets are now considered family members, and at the same time, profound changes are taking place in veterinary medicine. Procedures formerly available only for people are now also options for animals, giving rise to both tougher decisions and higher costs....
Adult, Guide, Pet Loss & Bereavement Shannon Fujimoto Nakaya

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