The Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement

Pet Bereavement Counselors: Texas Show locations

Fort Worth

Russell K. Elleven, Ed.D, LPC, CFLE

Phone: (817) 683-9920

As a licensed professional counselor, certified family life educator, and ordained minister I am uniquely qualified to assist you in mourning the loss of your pet. I am non-judgmental, compassionate, and experienced with pet loss. I would be honored to assist you on your journey.


Sinead Lancaster, LCSW
1016 N. Houston Avenue, Suite A
Humble, Texas 77338

Phone: (713) 268-6734
Fax: (281) 540-1810

The challenge for many people dealing with the loss of a beloved animal friend is one of getting understanding and support from those around them who have never experienced this unique bond.  Sinead assists her clients in understanding the grief process, while validating their feelings, and helping them sort through the many ups and downs of the process.  She brings to this calling a wealth of compassion, empathy, and love for those who have benefited from the joys of animal companionship.


Evelyn Rosemore, M.D.

Phone: (214) 636-0202

I received my M.D. from the University of Alabama School of Medicine and I am also a pet loss and bereavement counselor through the APLB’s certification program.

The death of a pet is very similar to the death of a person and one must go through the same stages when mourning a pet, as when mourning a family member or friend. After the loss of my 14 year old dog, I became aware of the need for compassionate counselors to help with this difficult time for a pet owner and support his or her return to a normal and productive life. I meet with individuals of all ages one on one or in a group setting for pet loss or anticipatory pet loss.

San Antonio

Cantu, Vanessa, Ph.D; M.ED.

Phone: (210) 845-4352
Website: (

My career began as an elementary teacher, then a middle school counselor. I am a school crisis intervention counselor as well as a licensed professional counselor currently. I also have a counseling practice called Bullying Empowerment Center.

I approach pet bereavement therapy with great respect. Grief affects everyone differently, and my belief is that if the grief stems from the loss of a pet, that doesn’t make it any different from the loss of a person as love is love and the pain is just as great as our pets are a part of our family.