In-Home Euthanasia: Ontario

Area serviced: Stratford, Perth County, New Hamburg and beyond

Erica Dickie, DVM, CHPV

226.779.KIND (5463)
Black Creek Mobile Veterinary Services

We are dedicated to providing End-of-Life counselling & care, including: quality of life consultations, hospice and palliative care, home euthanasia, and aftercare & memorialization.

Area serviced: London, Ontario and neighbouring communities.

Sabrina Iliopoulos

Paws at Peace

We offer end-of-life care to dogs and cats in your home including euthanasia, quality of life consultations, and when appropriate palliative and hospice care options.

Area serviced: Toronto

Faith Banks, DVM

Toronto, Ontario

(416) 817-3572
Midtown Mobile Veterinary Services

Providing in-home geriatric, palliative care and hospice care consultations, and end of life assessments and quality of life discussions. Compassionate in-home euthanasia for dogs and cats.

Area serviced: Guelph

Susan Dailley, DVM
Dailley Mobile Veterinary Services

(888) 859-2770

Offering pet owners compassionate support and guidance through the journey of pet loss and providing your pet with a peaceful passing in the familiar and comforting setting of home.

Area serviced: In and around Kingston

Meredith Galbraith, DVM

Kingston, Ontario

(613) 549-6226
Dr. Meredith Galbraith DVM Veterinary House Call Service

When comfort, caring and connection are priorities there is no place like home. And this is especially true for euthanasia. Sometimes euthanasia, a gentle death, is the best remaining option for easing discomfort and avoiding suffering. The chance to have your dear friend drift away peacefully, in the comfort of your own home, in their favourite bed or in your arms, with all their loved ones there for them, is a true gift.