Taking Care of Yourself

Tips to help while grieving

  • Cat on a stairwellEnsure that you keep up the fluids– grieving can be exhausting and hydration is very important for cognitive functioning.
  • Eating issues–why not try a smoothie instead or just graze through the day instead of main meals.
  • Rename anniversaries that are so tough to Angelversaries.
  • Buy your pets favorite treats on anniversaries and donate to a local shelter.
  • If sleeping is an issue and prolonged, seek medical advice.
  • If sleeping and loneliness is really impacting, many decide to get a cuddly toy to sleep with.
  • Tattoos are becoming increasingly popular, and one chatter mentioned that they have a tat on their ankle so that their pet is walking with them every day.
  • Break up the grief and give your heart and head a break by a distraction. Going for a walk, a movie or similar helps. If feed times are a real stress point, at that time make a distraction replace that time, like going for a walk or talking to someone.
  • Try journaling; write down all those beautiful memories, write a letter or poem to your loved one and on the bad days refer back to it. You may even find a smile through the tears.
  • Build a memorial garden or make a planter box that sits where your beloved pet sunned themselves. Perennials are a good choice as they renew each season, like being reborn, or choose something that flowers around the time they passed so that each bloom will bring a smile to your face.
  • Read Dr.Sife’s book “The Loss of a Pet”, 4th edition, also available as an audio book. Many people find it most helpful in dealing with their loss. It is very insightful and is the only one of its’ kind that has won medals and awards for helping so many. Our bibliography page has a link directly to Amazon.
  • Join the APLB and add your beloved animal companion to your Profile, acknowledging your special bond–celebrate your time together and the bond you shared.
  • Check out the bibliography page for our suggestions on Pet Loss which also provide comfort and positive affirmations at this time.
  • Check out the Pet Loss Counsellors and Pet Loss Grief Specialists who specialise in the loss of a pet–have you referred to it at this stage?
woman hugging small dog


  • Jewellery, art with ashes added
  • Making a shadowbox
  • Memory jar- write all the beautiful things that touch your heart on a post it and put it in the jar. Then when it is full start to take one out each day and read it or on the hard days also pick one out.
  • Many people are now choosing to have their beloved fur baby put in a Teddy or stuffed toy so that they can hold it and also feel like they are being comforted especially at night.