Cassie: My devotion to you By Tina Quatroni

You were born and graced to me with a numerology of 23. Psalm 23, one of the most famous Psalms, is named “The Lord is my shepherd“. I needed you in my life, and you became my light-worker of healing.

You died with a numerology of 15. According to the Bible number 15 is a symbol of rest, and of restoration, healing and deliverance. Your time on this Earth accomplished what God lent you to be for me.

My Cassie died today. It’s beyond painful; the limb that has been my right arm has been severed.

I bleed, I hurt, I grieve.


I know in my heart everything I have ever done for you, any choices I have made for you, have been in your best interest and not my own. I dedicated my life to caring for you, my little being of sunshine. I accepted from God that you were loaned to me. God gave me this bright soul and physically made you. But I always knew He would take your soul back home.

I gave you the best Labrador life – a life full of animals, people, woods, lakes, oceans and streams. You smelled all kinds of smells – trees, bugs, wildlife! You learned over 200 words. Communicating with you was so easy. We had an unbelievable bonded spiritual connection. We took road trips to Buffalo, Syracuse, New Hampshire and beyond. You brought smiles to all the hearts you touched.

You were a special dog to me. You stood by me through many traumas. You walked hard journeys with me and never left my side. Your loyalty was astounding and unmatched by any animal I have ever loved. You were my trusted PTSD emotional support dog.

You gave me life and air to breathe, and I gave you your best life. I made a promise to you, to never be selfish. I have kept my promise. You have flown from my arms with dignity back to Our Father who breathed you life specifically for me. I loved you your whole life, I will miss you for the rest of mine.

Cassie Quatroni, 08/22/2009 – 01/08/2022


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