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Linda Porter-Wenzlaff, PhD, MA, LPC-S, MSN, RN

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Main Address

Therapy Animals of San Antonio, Crisis Animal REsponse (CARE) Program

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5815 Callaghan Road

Texas, 78228

Dr. Linda Porter-Wenzlaff, Co-Director CARE

Home Phone: (210) 767-9561

When Texas communities experience untoward natural or man-made events that cause disruption and pain the presence of therapy animal crisis response teams can provide comfort, strengthen a sense of community, enhance coping, and facilitate responder interventions. Therapy Animals of San Antonio supports their CARE (Crisis Animal Response) Program in order to rapidly deploy specialized canine therapy teams across the state of Texas; as well as to support area schools during critical incidents. We are an active member of the San Antonio Area Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster and an invited member of the International Association of Human-Animal Interactions Organization.   

The CARE Program adheres to national animal assisted crisis response standards. Teams are FEMA, Human and Animal CPR and First Aid certified, receive 10 classroom hours in disaster response and complete field training. Teams are compensated for training; as well as travel and lodging when deployed. Our CARE Teams are an identifiable, unified, professional group with all the supplies, equipment and operational support needed to organize, work and communicate under most crisis and disaster circumstances.

Examples of deployments include work with survivors from Sutherland Springs, the Travis Scott Concert in Houston and the shooting at Rob Elementary School in Uvalde.  We are exploring formal team training in grief related to the loss of pets as it seems a natural fit with what we already do and the American Red Cross has requested support in this area. 

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Jocelyn Rowe, Pet End of Life Doula

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Main Address

Tender Paws

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1751 Northgate Rd

Unit 41

British Columbia, V0R1L6

I am located in Cobble Hill, BC, Canada.  I was Certified as a Pet End of Life Doula through the University of Vermont 2019.  I live with my husband 1 cats and 2 dogs.  I feel honoured to work with the clients I have had.  I also train, daycare and groom dogs.

Karen M Koehler, SEP, EOLD-CA, PLGS

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Main Address

Equine Spirit, LLC

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2057 Wheat Berry Ct.


Colorado, 80516

Karen M Koehler

Mobile Phone: (303) 521-2289

Home Phone: (303) 665-1188

End of Life Doula.  I was raised by an amazing hospice nurse, have a background as a bereavement support group facilitator and hospice volunteer, and have been a pet parent to a rescued horse, as well as many rescued dogs and cats.  With all that love and understanding of transitions, it was natural that I chose a path providing gentle and sacred end-of-life services to animals.  I am an End-of-Life Doula for Companion Animals (EOLD-CA) through the University of Vermont, Larner School of Medicine,  Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (SEP) through Somatic Experiencing International (SEI) and Pet Loss Grief Specialist (PLGS) through the Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement.  I specialize in supporting both large and small animals and their humans through the many aspects of relationship and loss, with a strong emphasis on grief work.  My support includes meeting with you and your beloved pet to hear your story and your needs; gentle communication with your animal pre-euthanasia or natural death; supporting family members (herd, pack or human) through the loss; assistance in designing personalized sacred space; and working with you on creating meaningful farewell ceremonies, rituals and memorials.  If you choose, I can attend your pet’s euthanasia, gently helping you through the process.  And as you grieve, please know that compassionate follow-up grief support is available either in person or remotely.

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Lisa Huelskamp

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Main Address

Ohio State

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Lisa Huelskamp, PhD

Kristy Frick, MS CRC LPC

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Main Address

Kristy Frick Counseling

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1 Line Street, Suite 3

Pennsylvania, 18512

Hello!  My name is Kristy Frick and I am a Licensed Professional Counselor in Northeast Pennsylvania.  I am also a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor and a Certified Compassionate Bereavement Specialist.  

Initially, my work as a Grief Counselor started with humans grieving humans, but has extended to humans grieving their furry, feathered and sometimes creepy companions.  This includes, animal rescuers, veterinary techs and others who work closely with animals of all kinds.

My love for animals has been life-long, but it wasn’t until my first pup, Gypsy, died when I was in college and I knew what grieving a pet really felt like and it was truly one of the worst pains I have ever felt.  In the past two years, I have had three dogs pass away – all of their deaths so very different and the impact hit me differently each time, but the pain is always deep and leaves a major void in my heart.

If you live or work in Pennsylvania and need support – please connect with me.  Although my schedule is limited at the moment, I am always happy to try to figure out a way to support the grieving.

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Melanie Ellerkamp, Certified Pet Loss Grief Professional, Certified Animal Reiki Master & Reiki Master Teacher, certified Sound Therapist, former Veterinary Technician, former CSR at a Pet Cemetery, and former Owner at Melanie’s Pet Services. Pet Doula services. Over 20 years in the Veterinary field.

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Main Address

Quintessence Care

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6636 35th Ct E


Florida, 34243

Melanie Ellerkamp

Grief can start before the actual death of your pet. 
Melanie is a certified Pet Loss Grief Companion, Certified Companion Animal End-of-Life Doula and  is a part time caregiver. With over twenty years in the animal/veterinary field, working as a kennel assistant, veterinary technician, customer service representative in various animal hospitals, owning her own pet service business, working at a pet cemetery and crematory, assisting people with their pets final plans after death, Melanie has plenty of experience with animals and their people. She is empathic, compassionate and loves supporting people.  
Melanie became interested in the healing arts in the early 2000’s. She is a Reiki Master Teacher, Animal Reiki Master Teacher, certified Sound Therapist with Tibetan Bowls, animal communicator, and an Intuitive healer.  All of these modalities can support you and your pets in your grief journey. 

Leanne M Innet, UVM Companion Animal End-of-Life Doula Professional Certificate

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Main Address

L.M.Innet, Death Doula

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13378 Potomac Path Dr


Virginia, 22191

Leanne M Innet

Home Phone: (703) 494-6749

Losing a non-human companion animal is hard! I can companion you physically by your side and be your emotional ally as you navigate choices of palliative care, hospice care, or euthanasia. My undergraduate degrees are in chemistry and biology, and I have years of experience in cardiac surgery, operating a heart-lung machine. So, I understand the medical issues that you must navigate. Plus, I’ve been a lawyer (licensed in Florida) for almost 20 years, so I understand that life may be messy. Most importantly, I understand that your non-human companion is the center of your universe when they are at end-of-life.   

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pet loss, anticipatory grief and understanding
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Featuring insights from renowned experts
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Bereavement and Dr. Nancy Curotto, Pet Loss &
Bereavement Specialist. Attendees will have an
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