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Pet cemeteries & crematories are places that offer services to cremate and or lay to rest your beloved pet. These are businesses that specialize in cremation and/or cemetery maintenance and can offer individuals the peace of mind knowing their pet will be treated with the utmost care and respect.

This comprehensive list of pet cemeteries and cremation facilities includes those reported by their parent organizations, The International Association of Pet Cemeteries and Crematoriums (IAOPCC) and the Accredited Pet Cemetery Society (APCS).

The APLB recommends the award-winning book The Loss of a Pet: Fourth Edition, by Wallace Sife, Ph.D.; published by Howell Book House, New York, 2015. It is the basis for our Pet Loss Grief Specialist course offering and is strongly endorsed by this association.

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Debra Bjorling

Pet Meadow Memorial Services

Pet Cemeteries & Crematories

1500 Klockner Road

New Jersey, 08691

Office Phone: (609) 586-9660

Pet Meadow is a family owned and operated pet cemetery and crematory with two facilities servicing New York City , all of New Jersey and eastern Pennsylvania.

Marjene Schrader, CPLP

Oakey's Pet Funeral Home & Crematory

Pet Cemeteries & Crematories

5416 Airport Road

Virginia, 24012

Home Phone: (540) 797-0169

Office Phone: (540) 265-7297

Office Fax: (540) 265-1161

Oakey’s Pet Funeral Home & Crematory provides a warm and inviting place for you and your family to gather and remember your beloved pet. Private cremations are performed on-site and many options are available for memorializing your special family member. At Oakey’s we understand how painful it is to lose a pet and we provide all of our services with care and compassion. We’re here so that saying goodbye is a little easier.

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Solutions Vetceterra inc.

EUTHABAG (Solution Vetceterra Inc.)

Pet Cemeteries & Crematories

Before EUTHABAG, there were no functional alternatives to plastic bags which are usually used to dispose of our companions. Pet owners care about how their pet’s body will be handled after they pass and as pet lovers and veterinary professionals, we do too. That’s why we created EUTHABAG, a respectful, practical, dignified, and ecological pet body bag. Veterinarians & Pet Owners now have an appropriate option for the transportation, cremation, aquamation, and burial of deceased pets that is, most importantly, respectful for the animal.


Personalizing your pets bag alone or as a family can be a soothing ritual before saying your final goodbye to your companion.

For children, it can facilitate acceptance of the animal’s departure and initiate the mourning process. Children can colour or paint the bag.

They can also write a letter to their pet and put in the bag.  It’s a way for them to contribute to the process. 

Personalizing the bag in which our animal will rest is a nice way to honor them and to give them one last gift. 

Thousands of veterinary practices, Referral Centers and Veterinary Schools are now FEELING BETTER using EUTHABAG. Available in 26 countries, including USA, Canada, Australia and UK.


Visit our website to find Pet Loss Support resouces: Pet Loss Support — Euthabag Pet Body Bag


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