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Pet Loss Counselors & Specialists are individuals who may or may not have a doctorate but all of whom have undergone extensive training to help you along in your journey of healing.

These skilled professionals have dedicated their lives to understanding and assisting those for whom the loss of a pet is too great to overcome. These individuals are aware of the depth of the grief you may be feeling and are prepared to assist you in every way.

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Ada Brosier, LMSW-C, AASW

Ada Brosier Counseling Services,PLLC

Pet Loss Counselors / Specialists

Michigan, 49341

Home Phone: (989) 430-3114

Office Phone: (616) 536-1234

Dr. Bennett, Licensed Psychologist

Ariel Counseling & Consultation

Pet Loss Counselors / Specialists

Telehealth Services for Clients in Florida & Abroad

450 S. Orange Avenue Orlando

Florida, 32801

“You were my favorite hello & my hardest goodbye”.


Ariel Counseling & Consultation specializes in therapy services for clients who anticipate or have experienced the loss of a beloved pet companion.  We provide therapy services for pet parents, clients who identify as animal lovers, those who work in the animal rescue field, vegans as well those whose lives are enhanced through their relationship with nature.  If you are seeking professional support for pet bereavement or to address the challenges of living in a world where we are concerned about the welfare of all animals, Ariel may be a good fit for you. 


When you are coping with the loss of a pet companion and/or have a strong bond to animals it can be difficult to find a provider who understands your unique thoughts, feelings, and experiences. I have personally coped with the loss of important pet family members and have the professional skills & compassion to help clients.  Our animal companions are often closer and know us better than most people in our lives. Whether we are sad or happy they are always loyal and teach us the power of unconditional love and regard.

The goal of our practice is to provide a professional, safe, and non-judgmental therapeutic space to promote healing, positive mental health, and compassionate living for clients in the state of Florida, USA and Globally.  Please call or email our practice to schedule a complimentary consultation and learn how we can help you. 


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Amanda Travis, Pet Loss Partners Pet Loss Bereavement Specialist

Separated Soul Mates Pet Loss Support

Pet Loss Counselors / Specialists

Office Phone: (614) 805-4582

They Mattered and Grief is normal.

Bo Paws It Forward is a non profit that provides grants for pet guardians in need of medical or behavioral care for their dogs and are facing temporary hardship or limited income. We recently added the Separate Soul Mates pet loss support services that benefit our programs. 


Our rates:  We are here for you at no cost. Donations made to Bo Paws It Forward are appreciated as that is one way we are able to provide services for pet parents and the community. Our community is a large one with pet parents seeking support all across the U.S. 

These visits are where we delve into how I can help you best. Usually its simply having someone listen-really listen to what you miss about your beloved pet or perhaps help you process the helplessness and anger. I have a lot of life experience with loss since my adult life has been dedicated to rescue, animal welfare and hospice fostering. I also have a unique skill set with natural empathy that led me to pet loss classes, workshops and certfication. 

Pet loss is a very disenfranchised grief and we are working to change that with community and a promise of judgement-free communication. 

Sessions are offered by Zoom, phone call, and email. On our website, we have a Pet Loss Support intake form -any information you want to share helps me prepare on how best to help you.

We do not have a set schedule for sessions so that I can work with you as soon as you need. Email support is offered 7 days a week- I check my email between 8-9 Am (eastern standard time) , 1-2 pm and 6-7 PM. If you send me an email within those hours, YOU WILL get a response. Email: OR




Joan Miller, RP, GDC, BScN, RN, CPMHN(C)

Best Life Counselling RP

Pet Loss Counselors / Specialists

58 Lambs Lane

Ontario, L1C 3G5


Grieving the loss of a pet: You’re not alone


When you lose a beloved companion animal your whole world can change. Grief is unique and isn’t reserved for the loss of humans. Feeling emotionally vulnerable is natural when you lose a pet. You need to process overwhelming feelings and talking with me, a pet grief counselor, is the first step to know you are not alone.


I am here to help you through this difficult journey. Losing your companion animal can be an extremely difficult and painful experience. Knowing how to support yourself during an emotional time can help you feel more at ease. With the right insight and knowledge, I can help you understand and care for yourself in the best way possible.


My approach integrates APLB Pet Loss and Bereavement tenants combined with my 15yrs of clinical and community, private practice experiences. With the loss of your pet, my eclectic theory focuses on Positive Psychology as I provide a culturally-relational service that is relevant and unique to you and your grief.


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Beth Gustin, MA, NCC, LPC, EMDR Certified, CGCS

Transitioning Through Change, PLLC

Pet Loss Counselors / Specialists

8774 Yates Dr. Suite 110

Colorado, 80031

Bette Fontana, BA Psych, MA Counselling

Pet Loss Counselors / Specialists


Home Phone: (403) 589-1094

Office Phone: (403) 589-1094

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Bernadette Pivarunas, PhD

Radical Healing

Pet Loss Counselors / Specialists

2001 S. Shields Street

Building D, Suite 203

Colorado, 80526

Brenda Brown, MA, FT

Grief About Pets

Pet Loss Counselors / Specialists

1303 W. Maple St. NW, Suite 103-Family Care Counseling office


Ohio, 44720

Grief hurts! Whether a beloved pet or human has died, grief is devasting. After working for many years in the human loss grief field, Brenda Brown offered grief support to pet parents grieving the loss of their furbaby.

In 2015, Grief About Pets (GAPs) was started. Grieving pet parents can get help by calling 330-415-8879 or emailing One-on-one sessions are offered at $65 per hour on the phone or online. Group sessions are free thanks to our Eternal Paws and Faithful Companion. One group is on-site on the second Wed. of every month at 6:30 p.m. at Eternal Paws in Norton, OH. The other group is online on Google Meets on the fourth Wed. of every month at 6:30 p.m. Email to register.

Thanks to APLB and GAPs, no one grieving the loss of their precious furbaby is alone!

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Dr. Chris Norman, RN,BA,BEd,MEd,PsyD.


Pet Loss Counselors / Specialists

Florida, 33401

Office Phone: (310) 895-3922

I am a Pet Grief Life Coach. If you have had a loving pet pass away and are having a hard time coping with this loss, I am more than willing to help you the tools as to how to deal with your grief. I offer both group and individual sessions.

I can offer virtual sessions via Zoom etc.

I know how you are feeling as I have been through the loss of a pet and am very empathetic and sympathetic.

I have references of pet owners who I have worked with and are very pleased with the progress we have made together.

Craig Wilt, MA, MEd, CT, CBT, PLGS-APLB

Hospice of the Piedmont

Pet Loss Counselors / Specialists

Warrenton / Culpeper


Office Phone: (540) 718-5323

As a tribute to all of the pets that I have loved and continue to love, my pet loss support services are provided at no charge.

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Celna Sousa, MSW, RSW, CCTP

Mind and Ocean

Pet Loss Counselors / Specialists

P.O. Box 398


Manitoba, R0E 0K0

Christiana Treglia, APLB Certified 2012

Cornell University Veterinary Specialist

Pet Loss Counselors / Specialists

880 Canal Street

Connecticut, 06902


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Deborah Massey, LSCW, CAS

Pet Loss Counselors / Specialists

422 Evergreen Drive PO Box 190

Honey Brook

Pennsylvania, 19344

Dr. Christine Henry, Ph.D., NCC

Therapy For Pet People

Pet Loss Counselors / Specialists


Texas, 77094

Besides being a licensed psychologist, I am an animal lover who personally knows the pain of losing a beloved companion animal. I have been shocked how many therapists do not understand the deep connections that we can have with animals. There is nothing wrong with you if you are missing your fur baby or are worried about losing them. Together we can process the memories you had with them as well as regrets that you may have. In addition, if you are struggling with other concerns such as anxiety, depression, or past trauma we can discuss those issues as well.  To schedule an appointment, go to my website: or find me on Facebook or Instagram (Therapy For Pet People). I offer a free 15 minute consultation to see if we would be a good fit to work together. I provide online therapy  in Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Delaware, District Of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin

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Leslie Greenberg, Ph.D. in Psychology

Richmond Neuropsychology

Pet Loss Counselors / Specialists

4713 Harvest Glen Way

Glen Allen

Virginia, 23059

Dr. Greenberg is a psychologist with 25+ years of experience. She offers counseling and coping strategies to help you grieve. She leads a free, monthly Pet Loss Support Group. See for details on how to participate remotely or in person. Individual sessions available by appointment (remote or in office), including evenings and weekends.

Day Cummings, Licensed Clinical Social Worker / RN

Circle of Daughters, Inc.

Pet Loss Counselors / Specialists

5138 South Park Ave

Unit S 8

New York, 14075

Home Phone: (716) 507-6281

Office Phone: (716) 507-6281

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Karen Jaques, Dip Counselling & Advanced Major in Grief & Loss


Pet Loss Counselors / Specialists


Majoring in Grief and Loss Karen has a high level of understanding of the stages of Grief & Loss through her own personal experiences.

Karen says “When I lost my 18 year old cattle dog, Lucy, even as a Grief Counselor myself,  I needed someone to help me make sense of what I was thinking and feeling. My own grief put me on the path to help others.I found there were not many Counseling services in this area that came with formal qualifications in training. It was imperative to me that I found a course that reflected and supported my own way of thinking concerning pet loss. One that empathizes, takes it very seriously, and also incorporates some level of spirituality. On this quest I finally managed to find The APLB who offered a course that mirrored my way of thinking and also had a strict and high standard of excellence”.

Karen is one of only a few Counselors in Australia that is certified in Pet Loss and Bereavement and is currently working with the APLB as Chairperson and Chat roomHost.

Her philosophy is believing that when you gain an understanding of what you are experiencing you can then move forward to find peace, resolution and healing….

Colleen Rolland, BA, MA, PGRS-C, PLGS-APLB

Pet Bereavement Services

Pet Loss Counselors / Specialists

141 Valley Road


Ontario, L9H 5E2

Together with the support of your Veterinarian, Pet Bereavement Services will help you travel through each phase of grief, be there to listen, and help you arrive at a place of acceptance and resolution. In cases of deep psychological grief, Pet Bereavement Services maintains a list of professionals to whom referrals can be made for additional assistance. These specialists include psychotherapists and social workers who are familiar with the complexities of Pet Loss Bereavement.

Education: Colleen Rolland, in addition to an Honours Bachelor’s Degree, and a Master’s Degree, has been certified as a Pet Loss Grief Recovery Specialist through the American Association of Health Care Professionals in 2014, and trained as a Pet Bereavement Counsellor with the renowned Dr. Wallace Sife in 2014, a private practice Psychologist and founder of the Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement (APLB).

Colleen is the current President of the APLB (2020 – 2024) and is a Training Specialist/Instructor for the Pet Loss Grief Specialist training offered through the APLB.  She co-wrote the new curriculum in 2021 with Dr. Michelle Crossley, PhD, and Ms. Marina Resa; Dr. Crossley is the APLB Vice-President, Training Specialist/Instructor, Board Member and Associate Newsletter Editor, and Ms. Marina Resa was a Newsletter Editor,  Training Specialist/Instructor, and Board Member up until 2021.

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Ivania Redpath, Registered Clinical Counsellor

Liv Therapy Services

Pet Loss Counselors / Specialists

British Columbia, V4N5C5

The loss of a beloved pet can be overwhelming and may lead to feelings of loneliness. Being an animal lover myself, I feel and have felt this irreplaceable connection with pets. They are relationships that need to be honored, celebrated, and shared. This may be difficult to consider in loss, or anticipatory loss, as you may be experiencing denial, sadness, a sense of being lost, or even angry.


When it comes to grief counselling, I use a variety of approaches such as Narrative therapy, Humanistic/Client Centered, Mindfulness-Based, and Acceptance and Commitment therapy. My approach is to work with you, understand the circumstances that surround your new reality, and create a space where you can go from a sense of disorganization to reorganization using a blend of one or various approaches that will work best for you.

Julie Austin, Psy.D.

Pet Loss Counselors / Specialists

655 Redwood Highway, #655

Mill Valley

California, 94941

Many people find themselves misunderstood and their grief dismissed, adding to the painful experience of the loss itself.  I’ve been supporting people through the companion animal grieving process for over 25 years, and I care deeply about creating a safe and unconditional supportive space. I offer in person and zoom appointments for individuals (kids and adults), couples and families.  Let’s meet for a free 30-minute consultation to see if I can be of service.

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Jennifer Breslow, LCAT, LPAT, ATR-BC

Art Therapy & Psychotherapy in NYC

Pet Loss Counselors / Specialists

244 Fifth Avenue, #L252

New York, 10001

As an animal lover, I recognize the deep bond that is possible between humans and animals, and have experienced the heartache and despair when this bond is broken by a pet’s death. The sadness and overwhelming emptiness that is experienced can be difficult to face alone, especially in a society that is often quick to dismiss the significance of the relationship – it’s never “just a pet.” If you are struggling to move through your loss, let me help you work through your grief.

I am a licensed psychotherapist (LCAT, LPAT), board certified art therapist (ATR-BC) and animal lover in private practice in New York City. I have been trained in pet loss and bereavement counseling by the Association of Pet Loss and Bereavement, and have extensive experience helping people cope through the loss of a pet.

Additionally, as a mental health practitioner, I am trained to help process and explore any related issues or unresolved losses that the loss of a pet might activate.

I currently offer individual pet loss counseling and therapy sessions via a HIPAA compliant video platform. As a therapist, I am only licensed to see folks remotely who are located in New York or New Jersey.

Judith Liu, LCSW

Eclectic Balance

Pet Loss Counselors / Specialists

1200 High Ridge Road


Connecticut, 06905

My background includes professional as well as personal experience with grief-related pet loss, and I share this to say that you are not alone in your journey. After a heartbreaking loss of a much-loved pet, I was completely devastated. During my time of grief, I had trouble finding the much-needed support I needed to work through my grief. As a result, I decided to focus my professional career on helping others gain the needed support, validation, and normalization during their time of grief and loss of their pet. It would be an honor to walk alongside you during your journey, as we explore together which steps to take next.


*APLB Trained 2021


I provide in-person sessions out of Stamford, CT, and New Rochelle, NY. Book a free consultation today –

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Janice Shapiro, LMFT, CAAP

Pet Loss Counselors / Specialists

California, 95124

Of the many types of relationships that I specialize in as a licensed marriage and family therapist, the one dearest to my heart is the relationship between dog and man. There exists a special bond that many people in their lives are lucky enough to experience. Along with this special attachment comes immense responsibilities. Out of these responsibilities comes pure joy but also wrenching heartache. Pets rely on us for their care; we rely on them for their loyalty, unconditional love, companionship and amazing ability to understand our emotions. When one or both can no longer hold up their end, intense sorrow, guilt and loss is experienced like none other. I will help support you through these hard times. Good people should not have to suffer from being Dog’s/Cat’s Best Friend.

I currently see clients on-line from anywhere in California.

LMFT CA license #86051

Joey Leslie, BSW, MA

Pet Loss Counselors / Specialists

9793 54 Ave

Alberta, T6E 5J4

Hi! My name is Joey Leslie. I have BSW, am a Registered Social Worker, and have a MA Interdisciplinary Studies. I have experience supporting humans with the loss of their animal companions, helping with making difficult decisions regarding their animal companions, and how to memorialize and honour the relationship with their animal companions. 

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Janice Shapiro, MA, LMFT

Janice shapiro

Pet Loss Counselors / Specialists

18 N. First St.

Campbell, CA

California, 95008

Hello, I am Janice Shapiro, Marriage and Family Therapist. For those of us who have had the privilege of caring for and loving pets, the heartache is intense when they are gone. Pet grief can be caused by anticipatory death, loss through divorce, lost pet, accidents, euthanasia, compassion fatigue, relocating and the list goes on. Talking to a trained professional for just a few sessions can ease the pain enough so your pet can be remembered with honor and dignity.

On-line and in person sessions available


Janet Zimmerman, LCSW-R

New York Pet Loss Support Services

Pet Loss Counselors / Specialists

New York

Online Support for New York State Residents Grieving the Loss of Their Pets


I offer a three-session online program to help New Yorkers deal with the loss of their beloved pets.


Many people don’t understand how difficult it is to lose a beloved animal companion. Sometimes friends or family members tell you to get another pet, or to “just get over it already.” The truth is that the grief you feel is absolutely normal and should be validated, not dismissed or belittled. Most of the time people don’t mean to cause you pain, they just don’t understand. I do understand. Having twice gone through the process of losing a pet, I remember the grief I felt as if it were yesterday.


I can help you move ahead in your life, not by “getting over it,” but by turning your grief into warm memories and empowering you to feel whole again.

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Kathy Sherry, M.S., Certified Pet Loss Counselor / Grief Coach

Pet Loss Pathways, LLC

Pet Loss Counselors / Specialists

P. O. Box 2522

South Portland

Maine, 04107

The loss of a beloved pet family member can hit us surprisingly hard, leaving a huge void in our lives.  Their unconditional love for us, constant presence and companionship are suddently missing, and we struggle with adjusting to the changes, after all the care we have given them day after day. 

Kathy was trained and certified as a pet loss counselor by the Association for Pet Loss & Bereavement in 2013.  As part of her graduate program in Counseling, she completed extensive training in grief support and death education at Center for Grieving Children, and Hospice of Southern Maine. While hearing from many folks that they could not find support for pet loss, and after the death of her beloved MagicDog, Kathy decided to create space for this at Pet Loss Pathways.

Kathy has worked with hundreds of individuals and families grieving the death of their animals (cats, dogs, birds, horses, rabbits, and more).  While she currently provides pet loss support services to veterinarian practices throughout Maine, as a pet loss grief coach, Kathy can work with folks in other states as well. 

Kathy is passionate about creating a judgement free, safe place for sharing.  It is common to question whether our choices were right, and go over and over things in our minds and hearts.  Grieving is a natural process, but it is not a straight line, and studies show it is healtier to have support along the way; to express feelings and thoughts, and have coping outlets can lead to healing and reslience. Connecting with others who have been through pet loss can make us feel less alone.  Kathy helps connect you with resources that might be helpful along the path.

I would be honored to be there with you in your grief, and bear witness to your story, and even hear about fun or poignant memories.  It is said “the measure of our grief is equal to the measure of the love we have for the one we lost”.   It is not weak to mourn one who has been such a part of our lives.  Kathy works with you to find meaning in their lives, and find creative ways to memorlize them.   We can check in about how fellow pets might be reacting to the loss, and our reactions to things people say when they give advice.  How do we adjust to this “new normal”?

For more information, please see my website, or reach out with any questions by email, text or phone.  Most folks find 2 or 3 sessions helpful; some will then do a support group. I look foward to hearing from you.

Kellie Gardner, MA, LMFT

My Next Chapter Counseling

Pet Loss Counselors / Specialists

1849 Sawtelle Blvd

Suite 610

California, 90025

I am so sorry for the pain you are feeling. Losing an adored pet is absolutely soul crushing. I know, I’ve been there too. In 2021 our family lost two of our elderly, cherished, sweet dachshunds, Fred and Koko, within one week of each other. The pain was like no other.

The loss can be so profound and deeply heartbreaking. With the loss of a beloved companion comes an emptiness and pain that is indescribable. After all, our sweet companions are part of our family and bring us unconditional love, joy, laughter, companionship and so much more.

After Koko and Fred died, people tried to comfort me. The truth is even though I knew they were trying to help, some of their well-meaning advice and words meant to comfort me were hurtful. Not everyone gets what it’s like to lose a pet. The support one receives after losing a pet is often minimal because not everyone gets the extraordinary bond pet people experience. The relationship and thus the loss of the pet is undervalued by others.

As a way to honor Koko’s & Fred’s legacy, I began wondering how I could help others. I put myself through training to become a Certified Pet Loss & Bereavement Counselor.

To me, supporting people through such a profound loss is extremely fulfilling. It is my honor to walk alongside you and help you find some peace, comfort and help you heal.

If you would like to get started, please reach out by phone call, email or text. I am here for you. I get it, I’ve been there too.

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Kelly Daugherty, MSW, LCSW-R, GC-C, FT

Greater Life Grief Counseling, LCSW

Pet Loss Counselors / Specialists

100 Saratoga Village Blvd

Suite 21

New York, 12020

Home Phone: (518) 538-3872

Office Phone: (518) 219-8625

Office Fax: (518) 309-6599

Linda Harper, Ph.D. clinical psychologist over 35 years

Consultants in Applied Psychology

Pet Loss Counselors / Specialists

11900 Southwest Highway

Suite 201

Illinois, 60464

Home Phone: (708) 227-5330

Office Phone: (708) 227-5330

Office Fax: (708) 448-0769

As a compassionate heart specialist, I offer individual Healing Heart Workshop I and Advanced Healing Heart Workshop II. In the first workshop, discover and practice a proactive tool, Honor Feelings, Reframe Story to open your heart to the healing power of the flow of compassion. In the second workshop, go beyond simply getting to the other side of grief and find the gifts of the healing process. Both interactive workshops are each 2 hours long, and available through Zoom or in-person in Palos Park, Il. Follow-up sessions are also available.

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Lisa Havelin, MA, LMFT

Lisa Havelin Counseling

Pet Loss Counselors / Specialists

572 Lincoln Ave. #11

Saint Paul

Minnesota, 55102

Home Phone: (651) 230-4035

Office Phone: (651) 230-4035

Office Fax: NA

Licensed professional counselor supporting the human-animal bond. Specialized in providing support to people and their animal companions related to end-of-life decision-making, euthanasia counseling, and grief and bereavement counseling.


Laurie Leonard, LMSW

Help With Pet Loss

Pet Loss Counselors / Specialists

New York City

The loss of a pet can be devastating. Facing grief without support can be overwhelming.  In fact, the grief felt after the loss of a beloved pet can be as much or more intense than it would be for a human friend or family member.  In addition to deep sadness, a pet owner may feel despair, hopelessness, guilt and emptiness. Grief must be felt and expressed before healing can take place.  I can help you cope with your pain, understand your feelings, and know what to expect during the grieving and healing process.  Often just one or two sessions are enough to make a difference, enabling you to continue healing on your own. I do sessions by zoom or telephone.

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Marina Resa, MA LMFT #106655

Pet Loss Counselors / Specialists

Greater Los Angeles Area

Greater San Francisco Bay Area

California, 90230

My mission as a psychotherapist (Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist) is to create normalcy around the intensity of pet grief. This includes: anticipatory death, loss through divorce, runaway pets, unexpected attachment to animals raised for meat consumption, trauma, euthanasia, and anything and everything in-between pertaining to your loss. 

I am trained in EMDR & will often intertwine this modality with traditional talk therapy to assist you in your healing.  I volunteer with the APLB & am an instructor for the Pet Loss Grief Specialist course. I also serve as a resource & consultant for media outlets. Psychotherapy/Counseling services are available for clients anywhere in California via telehealth. 
It is truly an honor to support you. Your relationship was real. Your grief is valid. 

Michele Burgner, MSSW, LCSW

Michele E. Burgner, MSSW, LCSW

Pet Loss Counselors / Specialists

2200 21st Avenue South, Suite 229


Tennessee, 37212

Home Phone: (615) 218-0564

Office Phone: (615) 969-3664

Office Fax: (615) 298-3011

My primary practice of psychotherapy is focused on work with adults, providing support for a range of concerns from stressors and adjustments to change in daily life, to clinical levels of distress related to anxiety, depression and complex trauma.  I hold very high regard for the significant bond that exists between people and our pet companions (dog, cat, horse, bird, pig … and the list goes happily on).  I understand the depth and complexity of emotions that can occur when people experience the anticipated or unexpected loss of a pet companion.  I appreciate the opportunity to offer support and guidance during such a difficult time.

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Martin Santos, B.S., PWS (Peer Wellness Specialist) Mental Health/Trauma

Genuine Recovery Pet Bereavement Services

Pet Loss Counselors / Specialists

Oak Hills

Oregon, 97006

My name is Martin, B.S., PWS, an Intuitive Support Writer and Traditional Health Worker in the State of Oregon. A Certified Peer Wellness Specialist in Mental Health and Trauma Informed Care, my expertise is Inward Communication Education.

I help individuals with issues in transition from trauma, grief and pet bereavement accept the loss to reframe the experience through writing and support. I do not diagnose, only guide you through the expereience for SPIRITUAL AND EMOTIONAL healing for regaining clarity in the chaos.

I specialize in domestic cats/dogs and been privleged in loving, caring and transitioning twelve cats. From personal experience, I can honestly share with high emotional intelligence and humility what has worked in gracefully healing soberly. Let’s connect and with your permission, allow me to professsionally, empathically, help in understanding how to safely cope, grieve and grow together from this transition.

Nancy Blair, MES, M.Ed, CCC, RCT

Nancy Blair Counselling

Pet Loss Counselors / Specialists

Nova Scotia

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Natasha Tutt, MSW, RSW

Natasha Tutt - MSW, RSW

Pet Loss Counselors / Specialists

Ontario, M6E 4M6

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Nancy Curotto, Psy.D- Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Pet Loss Psychotherapy

Pet Loss Counselors / Specialists

655 W Irving Park Rd

Suite 201

Illinois, 60613

Dr. Nancy Curotto has been in private practice for over 20 years and assisting individuals and families coping with anticipated loss, death, and mourning.  Her treatment style is interactive and specially tailored to each client. Dr. Curotto brings to the clinical setting, specifically pet loss or anticipated loss, a focused treatment, years of mindfulness study/practice, and is EMDR certified  ( i.e., Eye Movement Reprocessing Desensitization). She received her doctorate in clinical psychology from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology and a certification in pet loss and bereavement in 2009 from  For more information about her practice please visit or 

Natalie Evans, MSW, ASW #90001

Pet Loss Counselors / Specialists

California, 95403

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Nancy Saxton-Lopez, LCSW, DCSW, VSW

Nancy Saxton-Lopez/The Pet Loss Companion

Pet Loss Counselors / Specialists

85 Hopper Avemue


New Jersey, 07463

Home Phone: (201) 638-7404

Office Phone: (201) 638-7404

Office Fax: (201) 652-4704

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over 30 years experience in providing grief counseling. I led a companion animal loss support group for 30 years. My colleague, Ken Dolan-DelVecchio LMFT, LCSW and I wrote the book “The Pet loss Companion: Healing Advice From Family Therapists Who Lead Pet Loss Groups” in 2013. It is available on Amazon. Ken and I also host a podcast “The Pet Loss Companion” live on Face Book and You Tube every Thursday evening at 6PM EST. The podcast can also be heard on other outlets such as Amazon, Apple, Anchor, Spotify etc. 

Ken leads a free Zoom Pet Loss Support Group once a month sponsored by Dakin Humane Society in Springfield Mass. Anyone one in the country can participate. Contact for dates and to register. 

Melissa Coyle, LCSW-R (Licensed Clinical Social Worker), Certified Clinical Trauma Professional, Clinical Telemental Health Provider, Certified Pet Loss Grief Specialist

Melissa Coyle, LCSW-R

Pet Loss Counselors / Specialists

New York, 11755

“The Loss is immeasurable, but so is the love left behind.” 


Saying goodbye to our loving pets can be a tough and emotional journey. Unfortunately, there are many people who do not understand why the loss of a four legged companion can trigger such intense emotions. Many pet owners find that the loss of a pet is as challenging as the loss of a family member.


I’m not only a pet mom but a therapist as well. Please take the time to explore my website and learn why I can and will provide you with the sound advice, counseling and personal guidance you need. Grief is a process with no time frame and no rules. 


Most people are uneducated when it comes to death and loss and can become easily overwhelmed by the tremendous roller coaster of emotions that comes with the loss of a pet. Those that try to support us typically, and unintentionally, end up invalidating our feelings and minimizing the role our pet played in our life. If you are dealing with a pending pet loss or the death of a pet and would like to share your story in a judgement free and supportive environment, please reach out.









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Helen Goldberg, PGRS-C

Helen Goldberg, Pet Loss Counselling

Pet Loss Counselors / Specialists


I assist grieving pet-parents with finding a place of acceptance and resolve. There is no “right” or “wrong” way to grieve – as individual as our DNA, so to is the journey through grief. Some people are able to navigate through their grief journey without the assistance of a professional however, there are others who find their struggle with grief a more arduous process and recognize they need the support of a professional. My training and expertise allows me to provide the necessary tools and techniques that enable my clients to move forward towards recovery.

Rachel Shirley, Certified Professional Coach. Certified Pet Loss and Grief Companion. Certified John Maxwell Coach, Teacher, and Speaker.

Pet Loss Counselors / Specialists

Florida, 34997

As a certified professional coach and pet loss grief companion, it’s an honor to walk alongside the end-of-life journey with you as you mourn your beloved best friend. My heart unites with yours.


I believe God created us in His image and that our pets reflect us with their own unique and unforgettable personalities.


When our pet is sick or suddenly sent to heaven, it’s our personal choice of how our grieving process takes shape and what it looks like.


I believe your pain, grief, disbelief, frustration, anger, and sadness are real and essential in your healing.


It’s been my experience you don’t ever “get over” the death of your fur-baby, but you do “get through it” when provided a safe place to talk about it.


Throughout the years, I’ve concluded it’s never too early or late to draw upon the riches of memories our beloved fur-babies have provided as we celebrate their lives in our unique way.

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Robyn Zeiger, Ph.D., LCPC, LPC

Robyn Zeiger, Ph.D.

Pet Loss Counselors / Specialists

10300 Sweetbriar Parkway

Silver Spring

Maryland, 20903

Home Phone: (301) 996-0987

Office Phone: (301) 445-7333

Office Fax: (301) 445-5046

Shannon Basner, ACCBC from IAABC, Pet Loss & Bereavement Counselor, Cat advoCATe

Mojo's Hope

Pet Loss Counselors / Specialists

2440 E Tudor Rd PMB 896


Alaska, 99507

As a Certified Pet Loss & Bereavement Counselor,  Mojo’s Hope offers counseling support to our PAWspice Community Program. We want to be able to offer this emotional support for people going through this very difficult process.

Death can be such an uncomfortable topic for many people. We think it’s important to see it, this last stage, and demystify it, make it less scary and sad while honoring the ones we love. Our own experiences with the loss of our beloved pets have helped to further deepen our understanding and provide us with the opportunity to help others. 

As an animal advocacy organization & rescue group for animals with special needs, we want to be able to offer support for people who go through this difficult process, before, during and afterward. We are offering this support in whatever capacity needed. Maybe you need a ride, maybe you need to talk through the process or maybe you may need someone to hold your hand as you say your final goodbye. We will help to guide you through these steps by offering compassionate, empathetic and individualized support. 

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Thomas Cheng

ISAC - Institute of Scientific Animal Communication

Pet Loss Counselors / Specialists

Hong Kong

Founder of the Institute of Scientific Animal Communication in Hong Kong.  We offer animal communication service of living and passed away animals, by intuition communication.  No tools, spirits, crystals nor any religions rituals were used during the communication.  All communication services are done remotely via photos of the animal.

Thomas has completed the ABPL Pet Loss Grief Specialist training by Dr Sife.

Victoria Buskirk Macia, LCSW-R

Counseling Center for Inner Growth

Pet Loss Counselors / Specialists

2038 New Hackensack Road


New York, 12603

Home Phone: (845) 505-5963

Office Phone: (845) 462-0439

I have over twenty years of experience as a psychotherapist with emphasis on trauma work and complicated bereavement. I, too, have experienced the profound heartbreak of losing a beloved pet, and, as such, wish to help those who are hurting.

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