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Directory of Services

a comprehensive listing of service providers, locally and online

Pet Loss Counselors & Specialists are individuals who may or may not have a doctorate but all of whom have undergone extensive training to help you along in your journey of healing.

These skilled professionals have dedicated their lives to understanding and assisting those for whom the loss of a pet is too great to overcome. These individuals are aware of the depth of the grief you may be feeling and are prepared to assist you in every way.

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Day Cummings, Licensed Clinical Social Worker / RN

Pet Loss Counselors / Specialists

Main Address

Circle of Daughters, Inc.

Pet Loss Counselors / Specialists

5138 South Park Ave

Unit S 8

New York, 14075

Home Phone: (716) 507-6281

Celna Sousa, MSW, RSW, CCTP

Pet Loss Counselors / Specialists

Main Address

Mind and Ocean Therapy

Pet Loss Counselors / Specialists

P.O. Box 398


Manitoba, R0E 0K0

For many pet owners, our pets are much more than companions, they are family. If your loved one has been diagnosed with a terminal illness, or you are experiencing challenges coping with the loss of them, pet loss and bereavement counselling could be for you.

On your one-on-one session, your therapist can help you cope with the emotional burden of losing a pet. Here are some examples of the things we might explore in these sessions:

  • Talk and discuss about your pet loss

  • Learn specific mindfulness coping strategies for the grief you are experiencing 

  • Find meaning and purpose about the bond you shared with your pet

  • Learn about the resources available to you outside of therapy in the pet community

Services are available to Canadian Residents online in BC, SK, AB, ON, and MB. In-person sessions available, please inquire for further more information. 

Book your free 15 minute consultation today!

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Joan Miller, RP, GDC, BScN, RN, CPMHN(C)

Pet Loss Counselors / Specialists

Main Address

Best Life Counselling RP

Pet Loss Counselors / Specialists

58 Lambs Lane


Ontario, L1C 3G5

Joan Ghering Miller

Home Phone: (705) 931-4003

Grieving the loss of a pet: You’re not alone

When you lose a beloved companion animal your whole world can change. Grief is unique and isn’t reserved for the loss of humans.  There is a Human-Animal bond that is important to acknowledge.


Feeling emotionally vulnerable is natural when you lose a pet. You need to process overwhelming feelings.  One first step is to know you are not alone.


I am here to help you through this difficult journey.

Please reach to speak with me, as a Certified Pet Loss Grief Specialist with the Associataion for Pet Loss and Bereavement; talking will help ease your pain. 


Losing your companion animal can be an extremely difficult and painful experience. Knowing how to support yourself during an emotional time can help you feel more at ease. 


With the right insight and knowledge, I can help you understand and care for yourself in the best way possible.My approach acknowledges your loss and my 15yrs of combined clinical and community, private practice experiences will help you navigate this difficult time of mourning.


Contact me for a free 15 minute consult to begin your journey of healing with the loss of your pet.



Joan Miller, RP, GDC, BScN,  (She/Her)


Registered Psychotherapist and MH RN

Best Life Counselling RP

BSP Practitioner Phase 2

Bowmanville, ON, CANADA


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Christiana Treglia, APLB Certified 2012

Pet Loss Counselors / Specialists

Main Address

Cornell University Veterinary Specialist

Pet Loss Counselors / Specialists

880 Canal Street

Connecticut, 06902

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Deborah Massey, LSCW, CAS

Pet Loss Counselors / Specialists

Main Address

Pet Loss Counselors / Specialists

422 Evergreen Drive PO Box 190

Honey Brook

Pennsylvania, 19344

Deborah Massey

Amanda Travis, Pet Loss Partners Pet Loss Bereavement Specialist

Pet Loss Counselors / Specialists

Main Address

Separated Soul Mates Pet Loss Support

Pet Loss Counselors / Specialists

Ohio, 43147

Amanda Travis

They Mattered and Grief is normal.

Bo Paws It Forward is a non profit that provides grants for pet guardians in need of medical or behavioral care for their dogs and are facing temporary hardship or limited income. We recently added the Separated Soul Mates pet loss support services that benefit our programs. 


These visits are where we delve into how I can help you best. Usually its simply having someone listen-really listen to what you miss about your beloved pet or perhaps help you process the helplessness and anger. I have a lot of life experience with loss since my adult life has been dedicated to rescue, animal welfare and hospice fostering. I also have a unique skill set with natural empathy that led me to pet loss classes, workshops and certfication. 

Pet loss is a very disenfranchised grief and we are working to change that with community and a promise of judgement-free communication. 

Sessions are offered by Zoom and phone call. The initial session is 90 Mins and 25% of the $80.00 session fee goes directly to The Bo Paws it Forward grant fund. Additional sessions are 60 mins at $60.00 with 25% allotted for the grant programs. We do have some grant money allotted for Pet Loss Sessions for those who cannot afford to pay- please reach out to and we can calculate a reduced rate based on availablity. 

On our website, we have a Pet Loss Support intake form and scheduling (Times offered in Eastern Standard Time)-any information you want to share helps me prepare on how best to help you.




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Dr. Chris Norman, RN,BA,BEd,MEd,PsyD.

Pet Loss Counselors / Specialists

Main Address


Pet Loss Counselors / Specialists

Florida, 33401

I am a Pet Grief Life Coach. If you have had a loving pet pass away and are having a hard time coping with this loss, I am more than willing to help you the tools as to how to deal with your grief. I offer both group and individual sessions.

I can offer virtual sessions via Zoom etc.

I know how you are feeling as I have been through the loss of a pet and am very empathetic and sympathetic.

I have references of pet owners who I have worked with and are very pleased with the progress we have made together.

Craig Wilt, MA, MEd, CT, CBT, PLGS-APLB

Pet Loss Counselors / Specialists

Main Address

Hospice of the Piedmont

Pet Loss Counselors / Specialists

Warrenton / Culpeper/Charlottesville


Mobile Phone: (434) 817-6900

Home Phone: (434) 817-6900

Hi!  On 8/1/24, I will be moving on to a new adventure teaching middle school students and, unfortunately, I will not be available to extend an offer of pet loss support.  However, please feel free to contact Hospice of the Piedmont at 434-817-6900 or 800-975-5501 or for grief care services, including in-person and online pet loss workshops, that are always and only provided at no charge.  

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Brenda Brown, MA, FT

Pet Loss Counselors / Specialists

Main Address

Grief About Pets

Pet Loss Counselors / Specialists

1303 W. Maple St. NW, Suite 103-Family Care Counseling office


Ohio, 44720

Grief hurts! Whether a beloved pet or human has died, grief is devasting. After working for many years in the human loss grief field, Brenda Brown offered grief support to pet parents grieving the loss of their furbaby.

In 2015, Grief About Pets (GAPs) was started. Grieving pet parents can get help by calling 330-415-8879 or emailing One-on-one sessions are offered at $65 per hour on the phone or online. Free monthly online pet loss groups are held on the fourth Wed. of every month at 6:30 p.m. EST, thanks to our Faithful Companion Crematory. Email to register.

Thanks to APLB and GAPs, no one grieving the loss of their precious furbaby is alone!

Marla Bennett, Ph.D. Counseling Psychologist

Pet Loss Counselors / Specialists

Main Address

Pet Loss Florida

Pet Loss Counselors / Specialists

245 Riverside Avenue


Florida, 32202

Dr. Bennett

Honoring the Bond: Counseling for Coping with Pet Loss and Bereavement


Having the right professional support with a licensed psychologist who specializes in pet and animal psychology can provide guidance to process the difficult experience of coping with the loss of a beloved companion. We are a Native Floridian psychology practice that provides professional pet loss support for people seeking discreet mental health care. Our practice provides a safe, inclusive, and non-judgmental space to process complex grief to help on the path towards healing while collectively honoring your special bond.


When you experience the loss of a beloved animal companion it can be challenging to locate or even trust you have found the right provider.  Dr. Bennett specializes in evidence-based therapies to help clients cope with personal loss, trauma, bereavement, adjustment to life changes, relationships, sleep issues, management of mental health symptoms and assisting clients who have ESAs and service animals. Her practice is committed to supporting pet parents, rescue organizations, farm animal sanctuaries, and those whose lives are enhanced by our interconnectedness with animals of all species.  We provide care for clients located anywhere in the state of Florida. Contact us today for a complimentary 15-minute consultation. We care and are here to support you.

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Dr. Christine Henry, Ph.D., NCC

Pet Loss Counselors / Specialists

Main Address

Therapy For Pet People

Pet Loss Counselors / Specialists


Texas, 77094

Besides being a licensed psychologist, I am an animal lover who personally knows the pain of losing a beloved companion animal. I have been shocked how many therapists do not understand the deep connections that we can have with animals. There is nothing wrong with you if you are missing your fur baby or are worried about losing them. Together we can process the memories you had with them as well as regrets that you may have. In addition, if you are struggling with other concerns such as anxiety, depression, or past trauma we can discuss those issues as well.  To schedule an appointment, go to my website: or find me on Facebook or Instagram (Therapy For Pet People). I offer a free 15 minute consultation to see if we would be a good fit to work together. I provide online therapy  in Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Delaware, District Of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin

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Gretchen Bickert, APLB Certified, AHG Certified

Pet Loss Counselors / Specialists

Main Address

Gretchen Bickert

Pet Loss Counselors / Specialists

Arizona, 85201

Gretchen Bickert

Mobile Phone: (602) 570-3375

Home Phone: (602) 570-3375

Palliative care, end of life support, ritual, ceremony, grief, etc.  


Krystal Koop, MSW, ACSW, PLGS, End of Life Doula

Pet Loss Counselors / Specialists

Main Address

Mourning Dove Pet Loss Grief Support

Pet Loss Counselors / Specialists

Krystal Koop

Support Groups

Six-week pet loss grief groups for those who have lost a cat or a rabbit.

Individual Support & Grief Ritual Building

A private space to talk about your loss. We will work together on navigating the complex geography of grief and identify ways to move with the grief process.

Sessions include time to speak about your beloved and support around navigating all of the “firsts” that come after you lose your beloved, and learning about/building customized grief rituals to support you as you mourn.

About Me

I have been a social worker for twenty years and am an Associate Clinical Therapist, working specifically with individuals navigating grief & loss, anticipatory grief, and pet loss.

I am an INELDA trained End-of-Life Doula and certified as a Pet Loss Grief Specialist by the Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement and offer support groups and individual counseling for those experiencing grief after the loss of a beloved pet.

I have also had many personal, earth-shattering losses. I have struggled with the gutting and complex feelings that come with loss-not just because of the loss itself, but the specific heartbreak that comes with the loss of a pet.


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Live Webinar

Navigating Pet Loss & Grief

Thursday, June 6th, 2024
7:00 pm – 8:00 pm Eastern

Sponsored by:

Navigating Pet Loss & Grief, hosted by Moose’s
March, this webinar is designed to support pet
owners through the difficult journey and depth of
pet loss, anticipatory grief and understanding
guilt. This webinar will also provide 3 key
takeaways for the management of grief,
Featuring insights from renowned experts
Colleen Rolland, Association of Pet Loss and
Bereavement and Dr. Nancy Curotto, Pet Loss &
Bereavement Specialist. Attendees will have an
opportunity to ask questions of the experts.

Special Holiday Schedule

We understand that the holidays can be a difficult time for pet parents missing their fur babies. APLB will be extending our hours this year to help you – we’ll get through this together.

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