Creating Your Own Directory Listing

Your Listing, Your Way

The APLB has completely redesigned our Directory of Services with you in mind. We have given you the tools necessary to reach your target audience within your service area. We have also integrated a system that gives you the keys to you’re own listing and allows you to update it anytime you wish.

If you wish to list your services in our directory please read on to learn how easy it is.

We will now show you how to add your listing to our Directory of Services.

Joining the APLB

Begin by considering becoming a member of our family. Your membership helps us continue to help you and countless others have a safe and loving place to come where everyone will always be welcomed with open arms.

Our Professional Membership will allow you to create your listing, your way.

The Keys to Your New Listing

Now that you are a professional member of the APLB family you have your own Room in the APLB House. This room is the first page that loads for you when you log in and is known as your ‘Profile Listing Page’. From here you can start creating your directory listing right away.

* Tip – Please visit the ‘Getting Started’ link above your Profile Listing Page to get the most out of your new room. 

Creating Your Listing

On your profile listing page choose one or more photos of you, your logo, and any other photos you wish to share.

Fill in the details about your business, the services you offer, and any other information you wish to share.

* Tip – you can come back anytime and edit or add to your listing.

Lastly, when you are finished and ready to publish your listing, click the ‘Save Profile Changes’ button.

From Your Heart to Theirs

Once you’ve created and published your directory listing it will be live in a matter of moments in our Directory of Services.

Our Directory of Services resource page is viewable to the public and is accessible by all the major search engines. We have designed it so that you can speak directly from your heart to theirs.

We hope that you will consider adding your business to our directory and help us reach as many hearts as we can.

Your APLB Family

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