Chewie, by Paula Owens

My Chewie was a sweet, humble soul. Although small in stature, Chewie was mighty in spirit. He didn’t leave me with a monetary inheritance – he endowed me with something much more precious.

Thank you for loving me for who I am, as I was, even when I wasn’t at my best. You exhibited what unconditional love feels like every day I spent with you.

Thank you for teaching me how to live in the now, to be grateful for the smallest blessings, and to be joyful about simple things.

I’ll never forget your wide-eyed excitement when we sat together to share a healthy snack. The expression of pure bliss on your little face as you tasted freshly washed blueberries for the first time. You made me giggle when I heard you crunching a slice of crisp organic apple. In the mornings, you loved to have your breakfast warm and served with a little goat’s milk. We called it “cereal”.

You always made me smile, even on my worst days.

When everyone else ran out, Chewie, you ran in. You were my first boy, my hero, and my confidante. I am forever thankful to you. I will never forget you. The love we share is a sacred, eternal bond. When I draw my last breath, I know you’ll be there to lead me home.

When Chewie left me, I gave him a big piece of my heart to hold until we meet again. On that glorious day he’ll return it to me, and I’ll be whole forevermore.

The wind blows, but you can’t see the wind. And so it is with your soul, my baby boy. You’re not gone – you’re transformed, I’ve only to whisper your name and you’ll be beside me.

I love you Chewie.

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