Dr. Hush Puppy and Sir Hubble Pinkerton: how two brothers changed my life, by Jo OBrien-Singer

Many years ago, my husband Marty and I were gifted with two Oriental Shorthair kittens. The first one was a striking nine-month-old Lilac Point named Hush Puppy, and the other, who arrived a couple of months later, was a beautiful five-month-old blue-eyed white called Moon Raker.

These frisky, curious, highly intelligent kittens changed my life forever.

Not only were they frisky, but they were also into everything. Hush Puppy was slightly less rambunctious than his brother. Moon Raker was an expert in finding ways to get into all kinds of trouble. Since blowing things up was not his forte, we had to change his registered name to something more realistic. I’m ashamed to admit that I named him “Trouble”, but I was worried that his sensitive nature might take that name the wrong way and I certainly didn’t want to hurt his feelings. I quickly renamed him “Hubble”.

Dr. Hush Puppy showed Hubble around the house explaining the “rules”, which cemented their relationship. They soon became inseparable. The deep love they shared quickly brightened our home, filling it with love and laughter. We were blown away when Hubble finally decided it was time to share his real name. His nose, paw pads and the inside of his ears were incredibly pink – of course his name was “Sir Hubble Pinkerton”!

Sir Hubble had a very strange habit – chewing on his brother’s ears. Puppy allowed it because his brother so enjoyed it. They also loved taking rides with me on my power wheelchair and sleeping together wrapped in each other’s paws.

Sadly, as the boys grew older, they both developed serious illnesses. It was one veterinary visit after another. Puppy crossed the Rainbow Bridge very unexpectedly, leaving Hubble bereft. His sorrow was palpable – our grief unbearable.

It wasn’t that long before Sir Hubble also crossed the Rainbow Bridge and happily reunited with his brother. Incredibly, for seven days following his departure, Sir Hubble visited me every night, jumping onto my bed with his typical “thump”.

Oh, how I miss them still – and my tears of liquid love flow like spring rain when I talk about him. My loving Sir Hubble and Dr. Puppy will live forever in my heart. And I strongly believe we will all be together watching Sir Hubble chewing on Dr. Puppy’s ears.

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