Gizmo’s story, by Hawke Becker

I got Gizmo in 2008 when I was 12. She was my childhood pet. Gizmo was my family, and my best friend. She was the smartest cat I ever knew. She learnt that if she did tricks like my mom’s dog, she would get treats.

Gizmo was more than just a pet because she helped me deal with a lot of pain in my life. When my grandfather died in 2012, she would run over to me when I started to cry and lay down in my lap and start purring.

A few days after Christmas in 2018, I found out my grandmother had passed away in her bed with her cat Lucky and her dog Zusie. I cried after my grandmother died for almost a month, and during that time Gizmo never left my side.

When Gizmo got old she had a seizure. Luckily it didn’t bother her too much. Then in 2021 she had to be taken to the animal hospital because she was having a hard time breathing. The vet said she had congestive heart failure and that she might not live long, but she lasted another two years on medication.

The day she passed I was outside doing stuff. When I was done I came into my room and when I found her, I knew what was happening. I was upset because I thought she had died without me being with her, but my mom saw that she held on until I was with her – she took her last breath while I held her, and I was able to say my goodbyes to her.

Gizmo was my best friend and I’m happy that I was with her in the end. Gizmo died April 13 2023, exactly one month after Lucky.

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