Goodbye my beloved Rags, by Josh H

I love you so much Rags. I will miss you forever. You were the sweetest, kindest, gentlest, and most amazing cat possible.

When I first saw you in the rain, I called out to you and you meowed back. I had no clue the bond I would end up developing and sharing with you during your short time on this planet. You were a beacon of light during my lonely weekend overnight shifts. I will miss you running towards me when I parked my truck. I will miss our “mind-melds” when you would just hold your forehead against my forehead for as long as you needed. I will miss giving you sweet kitty kisses. I will miss you reaching out with your paw to hold my hand. I will miss your cute quiet meows. I will miss you being there for me. I will miss you falling asleep on me during my shift. I will miss you climbing all over me to reach the kitty treats.

I love you so much and can’t believe you are gone. I cannot believe this is real. I love you and THANK YOU for everything you were. You were my best friend for 1 ½ years, outside of my home. My heart is broken. I feel a sense of loss without you. My life will never be the same without you. I love you so much Rags! THANK YOU so much.

You’re leaving behind your quiet, shy, and timid brother who was never separated from you. You were the cutest playmates, and I will always cherish the videos of you two playing together like only a brother and sister could. I promise to continue to love and take care of him.

I am so heartbroken. I love you and miss you so much.

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