I love … by Laila Zichmanis


how affectionate you were Ciro. Following me room-to-room so we could be close. Or to strangers in our elevator, or any store. Sitting beside them, nestling into their leg for pats, looking up with your deep, chestnut-brown eyes. I love that you were a gentleman. A “really good boy” every vet said, as you let them do whatever they needed to help you. Or at our favourite place on earth, as I put my bathrobe on for a spa treatment, you jumped off the couch and went into your crate. I love that you were also strong and independent. That you slept peacefully when I went out, and instead of running to the door when I came home, you lay calmly on your bear bed and rolled over for belly rubs. I love that you walked with a champion’s trot. So proud, so regal was this walk, that not a day went by without at least a smile from a passer-by, and often a comment. I love that you were a fighter, a survivor. Even that big dog and tonsil cancer could not beat you. I love how funny you were. Twirling in front of the elevator, hiding under the pink blanket. Or rubbing your head against the couch, and with hair electrified, a real pose. I love that you were a total sweetheart. That so many people, from all parts of our life, told me they really loved you. I love how passionate you were. About chihuahuas, snowballs, massages – and grandma, your greatest playmate. Or your love affair with your toy of all toys, Chicken, leaping off the couch like Superman to just the simplest of words “Ciro, where’s Chicken?”.

So many things, blended into one beautiful soul. Ciro, you taught me love.


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