In Memory of Cuqui Vera, 1996-May 2, 2017, by Luis Vera

Cuqui of my soul, my little boy, the pretty little thing. It’s been six years and I still can’t believe that you are not with me anymore, that your meows are no longer heard, that your purring does not caress my ears, that you are not waiting at the window for my return – to run towards me and fill me with love and joy.

When you came to my life, you brought happiness and you changed everything. You became my adoration, you made the sun shine brighter. My awakenings with your licks were pleasant, and your mischiefs adorned my days. Seeing you grow handsome and imposing to become “The Gentleman” gave me a sensation of fulfillment. You made life nicer.

But you also gave me a few scares, like the time a car ran you over, or when you hid behind the refrigerator and made me look for you like crazy. And how can I forget when you got lost for a few days in Atacames! God and the Virgin protected you then and many other times. They gave you a long life for which I thank them and, at the same time, ask them to receive you and bless you. And that, appealing to their divine mercy, we may reunite again.

Please forgive me if at the end my decision was not the correct one and I made you suffer, it was all because of the immense love that I have and will always have for you. Your departure has left a great void in my life; together with sadness and loneliness that I try to alleviate with your memories.

Thank you Cuquito for those 21 years of joy and unconditional love!  You will remain forever in my mind and my heart. And just as we were together in this life; we will be in the next one.

Your Daddy who loves and misses you, Johnny

“Time goes by Cuqui. And only one of our treasures is left, if we ever had any, the one from our heart. I also have to confess to you my melancholy and nostalgia… How nice that I can say to you these things that others would not understand! To you Cuqui, who will live forever. You are now in heaven with Mommy. But… what about me Cuqui?” Modified from “Platero and I” (Juan Ramon Jimenez)

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