Little Happy Taffy, by Dave Card

This was no accident. On the side of a busy highway, an emaciated, shaking, and confused dog was seen. Luckily, a young girl was able to coax the frightened dog into her arms. He could have run away but he seemed to sense she was there to help him.

What she saw was unnerving. Most likely dumped on the side of the road and very close to its edge within feet of speeding cars, his rib cage was easily visible as well as a bleeding wound by his neck. Most distressingly, someone had apparently poured hot oil on the lower part of his back, burning the hair down to his spine. Tragically, a wicked result of extreme cruelty.

He was taken to a nearby veterinarian. While there, a local rescue group saw him and took him under their care. Miraculously, after nearly a year, he regained his health.

At an adoption event he was seen from a distance by an older gentleman. It was love at first sight! The woman at the rescue event said other people had looked at him but passed him by upon learning two undeniable facts – because of the trauma encountered by this little guy, he was diabetic requiring daily shots of insulin just to stay alive, and he was completely blind! “Do you still want him?” she asked. “Absolutely!”

Over the next years, through loads of love, and affection, Taffy grew in the confidence of knowing what a secure, forever home was like. As a substitute teacher, his dad often took him to school, where he spoke of compassion, care, love, and responsible pet ownership. The students were spellbound seeing and petting Taffy. The teacher even gave each student a colored photo of “Happy Taffy” to take home and show their parents and discuss how he overcame his plight, resulting in a new, regenerative life of love.

Taffy and his dad were invited to the state capitol in Santa Fe to address the issue of animal abuse. Of course, Taffy was the star guest. Later, they designated Taffy as New Mexico’s “poster dog” for abused animals. He appeared on local television and in newspapers and magazines. A classroom at one school, after hearing Taffy’s story, even crafted a hard-cover book in his honor, presenting it to him and his dad.

Although he is now passed, truly Taffy’s legacy of love lives on. He will never be forgotten. The older gentleman who immensely loved his little dog was yours truly.

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