Lucky’s story, by Hawke Becker

My mom and I found Lucky under our neighbor’s house in insulation in 2010. When my mom pulled her out from under there she was in a horrible state. We got her cleaned up, then found her mom, and luckily her mom took her back.

When she got a little older, my grandmother adopted her, and she named her Lucky Jo. Even though my grandmother adopted Lucky, she loved my grandfather more and would sleep with him. After my grandfather passed, she became my grandmother’s cat and my grandmother loved Lucky.

A few weeks before my grandmother died, I had the urge to ask her who would get Lucky if she died and she said she didn’t know, so I asked if I could have Lucky and she said yes.

In 2018 Lucky became my cat. I slowly introduced her to my cat Gizmo, and they started to get along. Gizmo was a bully to Lucky, but Gizmo saw Lucky didn’t have any front claws so she stopped using her claws on Lucky.

Lucky wasn’t very smart but if I had food she would tap my hand until I gave her some, and if she could have it I would let her have some. When I would cook she would sit in the kitchen with me and was kinda like my sous chef. I would give her small bits if it was something cats could eat. She would always try to steal Gizmo’s wet food.

When Lucky passed on March 13 2023, it broke me because it felt like I lost my grandmother again, because Lucky was the last part of her I had that I could hug. I also thought Lucky could help me emotionally when Gizmo died, but Lucky died exactly one month before Gizmo.

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