My KC: No limits to her potential, by Patricia A.

When I first met KC, the rescue volunteers handed her leash over to me saying that she wouldn’t go near anyone without barking or lunging at them. She was so afraid. She was a little under two years old. She pulled at the end of the leash and did everything she could to get away from me.

I sat down quietly on the grass and stayed still. After what felt like hours (it was only about 10 minutes), KC walked carefully over to me and placed her front paws on my knee.

KC looked at me. I looked back at her. I smiled and looked over at my boyfriend who had watched the whole interaction. This was the moment when KC and I embarked on our nine-year journey together.

Through devoted positive behavior training every single day (my pockets were filled with pieces of ham or cheese for years), KC’s confidence grew. Her courage to combat her fears opened up a whole new world of freedom. She could show the world how much she wanted to be social, express joy, and invent her wiggle waggle happy walk!

It was my dream that KC would have at least made one friend by the time she was done on this planet. It never occurred to me that she would take that dream and multiply it by 20…30…40!

By the end of her life, KC had become her silly and sweet self and had so many human and dog friends that when she passed away my apartment door was covered in flowers and cards from all her neighbors and the dog-sitters who knew and loved her.

KC is my inspiration to have courage to go beyond what I think I am capable of.

We miss you and love you KC, and may you stay forever in our hearts.

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