Lola was such a sweet girl. She’s my first dog; I got her during my freshman year in 2017. We spent nearly seven years together before Lymphoma took her away from me. We had beautiful memories that I could write a book about them. She will be forever remembered and loved, just like the way she loved me. 


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Gary Liu


My beloved baby girl, Lola, a brown and white Siberian Husky, was born on July 2017. She passed away on 5/15/2023. She was lovely, gentle, and loyal during her short life of nearly seven years. She will be deeply remembered and loved not only as a friend but also as a family. 


Lola (2017 – 2023)

My faithful companion and friend,

who gave me love and endless joy.

Run free in the beautiful heaven, where you will not feel pain and fear again.

You are no longer with me but you left a paw print in my heart.



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