Princess Pecan-Pie, by Gayle and Ian Kelly

Pecan was a two-year-old timid, scrawny little dog when we adopted her from Dogs Trust in 2006. She was scared of everything, didn’t know how to play and didn’t even bark – in fact it took a year before we heard her woof.

We fell in love with her straight away… she had beautiful amber eyes and looked like she was wearing black eyeliner – and her ears… well, I had never seen a dog with such huge ears!

Over the 13 years that Pecan was in our life, her funny personality shone through. She learnt how to play and had a huge basket of toys that she would empty every time I put them back. She was incredibly mischievous.

Every single person that met our Pecan fell in love with her – people would stop me in the street to fuss her and say: “Look at those ears!”

Was she spoilt? Yes, of course she was – Pecan was our whole world, as she deserved to be.

She loved opening presents and throwing the paper around, so on Christmas and birthdays we would wrap lots of presents for her and it was glorious chaos.

We soon found out that Pecan was terrified of fireworks, so every year, around Bonfire Night (November 5) we would take her to a lovely quiet cottage in the middle of nowhere for a week so she wouldn’t be stressed. We have many wonderful memories of our times in the countryside watching her curled up sleeping peacefully.

Our beautiful girl passed away on 18 September 2019 after being diagnosed with cancer 18 months before. The vet said she wouldn’t last more than a few months – she proved everyone wrong!

It completely and absolutely broke our hearts. I still struggle to talk about it and can’t think about the actual day it happened, but I can talk about Pecan and how wonderful she was and the light that she brought into our lives. We miss her every day and we always will.

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