Tinkles: Mrs Small, by Joe D.

Tinkles lived 19 years – one year as a stray and the rest with us.

Weighing only six or seven pounds, Tinkles was ridiculously cute. Her fur was soft as silk. Her clear, high-pitched meow was accompanied by expressive eyes and physical gestures like standing on her rear legs as we were about to feed her… Or standing on top of sinks demanding we turn them on, snorting when she licked the water and it went up her nose… She hunted critters, ate them, then threw them up…

If we were too slow to let her in, she would climb the screen on the top half of our outer front door. When it eventually tore, she simply jumped through if the main door was open.

For such a small cat, her purr was hefty – like a grown man’s snoring – and with the constancy of hot tub jets. Quite often she liked to be snuggled like a teddy bear, which was irresistible as a reprieve from the demands of school and work, or just because neither of us had anything better to do.

Our baby girl was a gem. Sergeant Tinkles was a source of entertainment and companionship like no other.

Tinkles recently passed away after a brief period of failing health, surrounded by our watchful love. She had experienced kidney failure and we had her put to rest by the vets to prevent prolonged suffering. Considering the circumstances, her passing was peaceful.

Tinkles lived life to its fullest. I retain my love for Tinkles as her cat daddy – which I will always be. And she will always be daddy’s girl, both in life and in passing. I rejoice in my love for cats and having been part of Tinkles’ life journey. 

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