To my Mocha, by Michelle Cardella

My dearest, sweet Mocha,

I cried tears of joy the day we said “hello.” Today, the tears fell for our “goodbye.”

In between, there wasn’t a single day you didn’t bring me love, happiness and comfort. Nor did I take for granted any moment I spent with you. One look into those beautiful blue eyes and I knew peace.

I can never repay you for all you’ve given me. I can only hope I made your life as wonderful as you made mine. Your perfect, unconditional, and uncomplicated love and trust (even through all of this at the end), never wavered.

I will carry you in my heart forever my sweet little buddy. My best boy.

Those first moments with you in the summer of 2010, something broke open in my heart and your sweet little self totally filled it with love. You were never just a cat. You have always been my little muse, my shadow – and my best boy.

The unconditional love was just that … given freely and without expectations.

Towards the end of your time with us, you forgave every syringe of medicine I forced upon you. You allowed me to hold you as you comforted the tears I shed in fear of what this awful disease was stealing from you.

I treasure the walks we took that lifted your spirit so much that you reverted to your former self with the head butts and purrs. Thank you for those gifts. They helped me more than you’ll ever know.

To honor you I get up each morning and take a breath, one after the other – and you are in each one. Always.

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