To my Moose, by Margaret Lee

My dearest Moose,

Fourteen years ago you called out to me from your jail cell. You were alone, scared, dirty, and infected with mange. I heeded your call with the intention of helping you and finding you a home.

Fortunately, that plan failed, and you became a part of my pack. I had no idea you were my “once in a lifetime dog”, but you did. You were the last member in, and the magic the pack needed.

I have to thank the man who tossed you out of his truck. I thank him for giving me the perfect dog. My heart believes he waited for someone to get behind him before he put you out on the street in a garbage bag.

I owe a huge thank you to the lady who saw him do it. She thought she would find a baby in the bag. She could have left you in the street when she saw you were a puppy. Instead, she did the right thing and took you to the local police department.

You looked at me like I was your hero. I did everything in my power to live up to that. You were not an easy dog. I cried many times over your antics and worried about how I would keep you safe – and other animals safe from you. Though you didn’t like other animals, you never met a human you didn’t love.

When I needed a friend, you were there. When I needed to laugh, you did something silly. You showed me every day what is important. Love without conditions, do what you love, live in the moment, and make the best of every second.

Life and love are beautiful gifts. Thank you Moose for being the constant in my life, for loving me and teaching me about love. You were my perfect dog. I can’t wait to see you again my dear sweet boy. What a fantastic ride it has been. I will never stop loving you.

Everything I did, I did for the love of Moose.

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