Winston Razzle Mason, by Gabriella Mason and Bernadette Mason

Winston was the light and shining star in our lives. From stealing anything he could get his paws on, to snuggling up under the covers with us, he brought such joy and mischief to every day.

The highlight of most days was coming home and seeing his little head peeking out the window waiting for us – if we’d had a bad day, that little face would certainly make your heart burst with love.

It’s hard to say what our favorite memory of Winston is, because there are just too many to choose from.

Now, Winston’s favorite thing to do was run, it was in his nature. I think his favorite memory would have been the first time he went to the beach. He went with his mummy and daddy and spent hours tearing up and down the sand and even daring to dip a paw into the sea! He was so free at the beach, and I know that’s where he would be now in heaven.

One of Winston’s many beautiful traits were his gorgeous looks, so much so that at a family fun dog show he even won “Second most handsome” and at another he came first in “Best six legs” with his daddy (Winston’s legs definitely swayed the vote on that one, haha!).

We hope you enjoy the photos of our Winston and some of the many joyous moments in his life – and agree with us that he really was such a special pooch!

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