A Hudson County dog, by Kathryn Marano

Hudson was barely even a dog he was so human-like. He was so much a member of my family that when he passed, it was like losing a brother, not a pet.

We got Hudson 18 years ago after we lost my grandmother to leukemia. We felt he had been sent to us by her as he had the same birthday, November 21. I read something once that said, “Every person thinks they have the greatest dog, and every person is right.” That’s true for the most part, except we really did have the greatest dog ever.

Hudson knew how to comfort you in your darkest times. He knew who to check on if someone was home sick. He loved car rides to the train to pick up his siblings. He loved driving to Jersey City to see my grandfather. He loved sleeping in a giant Tempur-Pedic bed with my mom every night. He loved that we cooked for him every night. He loved to sneak a sip of tea left on the side table.

Hudson was my best friend. I do not think I have the words to describe what he meant to me. If I’m being honest, I don’t think words exist in any language to describe the impact he had on my life.

Hudson was the light of my life. When he came into my world the sun shone brighter, the stars sparkled more, and my heart grew bigger. That last part is probably why it hurts so hard to not have him here. Because there is a 10-pound spot in my heart that is waiting for me in heaven.

We gave Hudson everything he could have asked for and more, because nothing on this earth could ever repay him for what he gave us. Like I said, he was the light of my life. So, without him sometimes the day seems dimmer. It seemed cruel for the sun to be shining the day after he left this realm, but I like to imagine it was Hudson shining down on us.

Even though he liked my mom way more than me, I hope when I get to the gates of heaven and click my tongue, he makes his way to me. No matter how begrudgingly the look he gives me on the way over.

I love you forever Hudson. And one day we will spend forever together.

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