Bilbo: Forever connected, by Gael Johnson

I have had the pleasure of having many cat companions in my life, and I am currently writing a book “Cat Kismet” about each and every one of them. It started as a promise to Bilbo, the love of my life, that I would share his story. Years went by with several more cats and I had not fulfilled my promise. In the meantime, I wrote another book “Have You Seen Me” about one of my cats who went missing. It took precedence because it was an urgent consuming time in my life. After its release I began strategizing how to write the book I promised Bilbo.

My first attachment to a cat was Bozo who died of a blood clot after having emergency surgery for pyometra. I was devastated. Spay and neuter your cats!

My sister’s cat was in heat and a large Bengal cat kept hanging around, so she catnapped him and locked him up with her cat for three days. Yay! – kittens were born. This is how my life with Bilbo began (April 1980). We were so connected, and he filled that hole in my heart. We had a wonderful time together until he was three months shy of his 16th birthday. Again, I was devastated and broken hearted.

I dug Bilbo’s grave with my bare hands. It was January, and the ground was solid clay. I put such love and care into his burial ceremony. I released so much but I was still in so much pain.

I was almost 39 years old and childless. Four months later I became pregnant, and my son was born a year to the day that I buried Bilbo. This was the only thing that would heal that big hole in my heart.

Thank you, Universe!

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